Friday, April 10, 2015

Free Book for the Weekend: Legacy of Disola

Synopsis of Legacy of Disola:
In the desert world of K’ari’Zareth our heroine Disola is born.

Entering the world screaming from her mother’s womb, she is thrust into a world of both mysticism and technology. Overcoming her insecurities and nervousness, she dons the mantel of a warrior. The God of Death has chosen her.

She unknowingly becomes his instrument of destruction as he plots to gain the affections of Tiril another deity he covets.

Thus begins the Legacy of Disola.
The Legacy of Disola is at its core, a story of manipulation.  A woman who was once anxious around crowds, becomes a confident warrior.  A warrior guided by the whims of a deceitful God.
The story of Disola is set in a gorgeous World of vast sand dunes and mechanized cities where the ancient past coexists with the present modern times. The World of K’ari’Zareth is a huge and savage place. Beyond the calm villages and citadel cities; war brews, a war between two empires with very different ideology.

Biography of R. Levi McKean:
I am nineteen years old, and do not believe I am all that special.  I am just a guy who likes books and writing, and I have an active imagination! On more than one occasion my mind has allowed me to regale the family with silly stories about how my cat Trooper was in fact at one point a night club owner, or a cat with a checkered past, whom probably sold catnip in a catnip cartel.  I love making up stories!
Aside from my imagination and writing, I enjoy keeping fish as pets, cultivating plants, and online gaming.  I hope to sell my books and provide people with a good and memorable read, thus enriching their lives.  I also hope to make a living in the process, because let’s face it, someone has to have the cash to buy fish food! Something tells me dear mom won’t always do it for me! Thus my attempt to become a successful author!

“About the Author” from the book:
R. Levi McKean lives in a comfortable old house, located in the beautiful state of Washington.  His passions range from playing the ever present WOW, to the gurgling fish tanks that provide the soundtrack of his life.  Occasionally he will lift his head from his current writing process to enjoy another passion . . . Cinnamon rolls!
His ever present imagination keeps him toiling and contemplating the twists and turns of each story he is engrossed in at the moment.
You can reach R. Levi by Emailing him at:

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