Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book Cover & Blurb: Intermission: A Place in Time

New Autobiography Centered on Life in the UK During the Beatles era: Intermission: A Place in Time
Canon City, CO – Author Glenda Lee Vollmecke announces the release of her autobiography, Intermission: A Place in Time.
Enjoy this riveting autobiography filled with typical British humor and occasional suspense! This electrifying book offers a journey of continual spellbinding and brilliant stories, some of historic significance.
Who would have thought that a young girl like Glen born in the aftermath of WWII, whose family lived on a fixed income would be present at Rock-n-Roll’s most memorable events when the Beatles took Liverpool and the world, by storm. Glen who at seven years old lost her adored father, and adapted to boarders taken in to help with the bills. Subsequently, she endured the selfish antics of her stepfather who even tried to dispatch her to Scotland at the age of eight, by placing her on the wrong train.

Amazing vivid descriptions of this era, her associations with the Beatles and other Liverpool musicians bring to life an incredible period. The Liverpool lads knew she was there, and during their initial appearances, she recalls fond memories of her favorite Beatle Ringo, who was quite a clown. She shares her life from age six until sixteen, and it is an overwhelming journey. You will not put this book down! Take a break, and enjoy this ‘place in time’ and feel the ambience, familiarity, and awareness of the past.
About the book:
Intermission: A Place in Time by Glenda Lee Vollmecke
ISBN: 9781478712404
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: October 2013
Pages: 191
S.R.P.: $12.95
About the author:
For the past eighteen years, Glen and her husband John have owned and operated a thriving alpaca farm with spectacular views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains four miles from the Royal Gorge, near Canon City in Colorado. John (a retired correctional officer) spins, knits, and sells his alpaca items, while Glen paints her beloved animals, sculpts her angels and dragons, while continuing to offer psychic counseling.

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