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Book Cover & Blurb: Scary, Man

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Jeffrey Hickey announces the release of his third novel, Scary, Man
Inverness, CA – Jeffrey Hickey announces the release of Scary, Man, a humorous work of contemporary fiction that pokes fun at modern day life.
Droll and dead-on in its sizing up of contemporary culture Scary, Man is author Jeffrey Hickey’s wry and singular story of one man, his wife, and their daughter. Together, they embrace a new normal at the turn of the twenty-first century in America, while trying their hardest in the land of the free, and the home of the afraid. As Griffin shuffles from one appearance to the next as a man working in the world of children, he becomes increasingly vulnerable to the fears and suspicions of others. He also has plenty of his own well-earned, obvious flaws that feed into the small-town gum-flapping. At the same time, his wife Samantha, who runs a home day care, is on the brink of her own existential malaise. This propels her to follow her calling as a teacher, going back to school to do so and creating some distance between herself and her family. To add further complexity to family life, their canny, candid daughter Clare is nursing her own identity crisis that’s just about ready to bubble to the surface.
Scary, Man is an absorbing work of literary fiction peppered with gay themes and social commentary, this humor-inflected take on small towns, small minds, rumor mills, and rampant paranoia will strike an all-too-familiar chord with readers trying to make their way through the shaky American landscape, while keeping marriage and morals intact, and mayhem at bay. It will leave readers nodding in queasy recognition, while at the same time scratching their heads at the plight of the protagonist who is plenty bright, but who just can’t seem to get it right.
Scary, Man is author Jeffrey Hickey's third novel. His first two novels,The Coach's Son and Morehead have each earned 5 star ratings from ForeWord Clarion Review, along with other critical acclaim. Literary Aficionado Magazine has written, "Jeffrey Hickey has that ability to inform and entertain simultaneously, and as he continues to prove to his readers, he has the ability to create unforgettable characters - not too far removed from the status of Holden Caulfield."
About the book:
Scary, Man by Jeffrey Hickey
ISBN: 978-1484819265
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of publish: September 2013
Pages: 450
S.R.P.: $17.95
About the author:
Novelist Jeffrey Hickey is the author of The Coach’s Son_and Morehead. His works for children, Wages Creek and Bats and Bones_, will be re-released in 2014. He is currently writing his next work for adults. These works, along with his new novel Scary, Man, can be found in print, Kindle, and audio books. A family man who deeply loves his wife, twin sons, and late parents, the author is also close with many of his neighbors, and cherishes the memory of every single friend, past and present. He loves where he lives now, and where he used to live. He also appreciates people who buy his work, because that’s how he makes his living.

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