Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: The Children Who Time Lost

amazon 10 24 13
Essex, England – After a summer full of news about falling birth rates and changing populations, British novelist Marvin Amazon’s new release offers readers a dystopian world where humans are almost totally incapable of procreation.
The Children Who Time Lost, now available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book editions, is set in 2043. Only one woman, the American Rachel Harris, has given birth in thirty years. To prevent panic and keep the population from dwindling to nothing, global authorities offer a Lotto, and a few winners each week enter a time portal and bring back adopted children from the future. When Rachel wins the Lotto, she’s elated. Her world-famous daughter had died tragically the year before, and Rachel longs to be a mother again. But the baby she meets in 2108 carries a secret that will shatter Rachel’s reality and endanger everyone close to her. Rachel must race across time to save her life and her child, even as she discovers that nothing—and no one—are what they seem.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Heavenly Signs III

gable 10 23 13
Award Winning Author Mel Gable Releases His Newest Book in the Heavenly Signs Series Entitled Heavenly Signs III
Gig Harbor, WA - The award winning author of the 2013 Christian Choice Book Awards, Mel Gable, launches his third book in the series “Heavenly Signs.” His new book, Heavenly Signs III: U.S. Eagle Falls continues to dramatically unfold revealing the current delicate situation in America. The author uses signs in the heavens to discern the deception of men and warnings by God of judgment on America. The United States is now living in the modern times of Sodom and Gomorrah. There are those who believe the End Times reflect Genesis running in reverse order. This work brings new insight to the subject. It has been written for those seeking understanding of the fragile conditions of the U.S.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Turbulent Waters

turbulent waters
U.S. Combat Veteran Pens Realistic Action/Adventure Thriller: Turbulent Waters
Temecula, CA - U.S. combat veteran Peter Duysings release his new action/adventure thriller, Turbulent Waters.
The supply vessel was way too large to experience the powerful violent shudder of the thunderous explosion caused by the RPG rocket that had all those nearby, whether friend or foe, shaking and trembling uncontrollably, while their ear drums reverberated by the shockwave of the blast. As the crew reeled from fright, the dark cloud of smoke cleared to reveal a mass of mangled steel of what just seconds ago was the ship’s bridge – its control center.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Padre of the Burma Road

padre of the burma road
Franciscan Priest’s Harrowing Tale: Padre of the Burma Road
Jackson, CA – Father Christopher Sullivan releases his thrilling autobiography, Padre of the Burma Road.
At the young age of twenty-seven, a newly ordained Franciscan priest, Father Christopher Sullivan, is sent to China to teach and work in rural China to help establish missions. He describes unbelievable tales of his sacred journey and life as a missionary and transformation as a rural healer.
During the Japanese invasion of China from 1940 to 1941, Father Christopher transported supplies from Rangoon to Kunming. He drove and sold trucks through the narrow, winding and mountainous highway of the Burma Road to deliver medications and supplies from the Red Cross to the missions and people in rural China. He was endearingly referred to as the “Padre of the Burma Road.”

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: The Diary of Amy

erickson 10 03 13
Satirical Novel Helps Us Laugh at Ecological Collapse
We are systematically destroying the ability of the planet to support life. But wait a second… aren’t human beings a form of life? Oops!
Portland, OR - The Diary of Amy, the 14-Year-Old Girl Who Saved the Earth is the novel for people concerned that humanity is systematically destroying the earth, and who are asking questions such as:
“Isn’t that a bad thing?”
“Why isn’t this considered to be important or something?”
“Shouldn’t we, you know, do something about it?”

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Colette

albee - vinter
Author Takes New Spin on WWII Heroine in Romantic Novel, Colette
San Rafael, CA – Michelina Vinter’s debut novel, Colette, is an infectiously uplifting escape embodied by a heroine who takes no prisoners and rescues the men in her life. Filled with intrigue and torn loyalties, the author takes us on a whirlwind tour through the times that changed our world forever.
Encountering everything from disillusioned first love to the Gestapo and even a kidnapping plot, Colette’s life proves to be as exciting as it is dramatic. Keeping readers guessing until the last sentence, this captivating novel uses romance, action, and intrigue to draw readers in while showing them something more.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Scary, Man

hickey 10 01 13
Jeffrey Hickey announces the release of his third novel, Scary, Man
Inverness, CA – Jeffrey Hickey announces the release of Scary, Man, a humorous work of contemporary fiction that pokes fun at modern day life.
Droll and dead-on in its sizing up of contemporary culture Scary, Man is author Jeffrey Hickey’s wry and singular story of one man, his wife, and their daughter. Together, they embrace a new normal at the turn of the twenty-first century in America, while trying their hardest in the land of the free, and the home of the afraid. As Griffin shuffles from one appearance to the next as a man working in the world of children, he becomes increasingly vulnerable to the fears and suspicions of others. He also has plenty of his own well-earned, obvious flaws that feed into the small-town gum-flapping. At the same time, his wife Samantha, who runs a home day care, is on the brink of her own existential malaise. This propels her to follow her calling as a teacher, going back to school to do so and creating some distance between herself and her family. To add further complexity to family life, their canny, candid daughter Clare is nursing her own identity crisis that’s just about ready to bubble to the surface.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Ghosts and Ballyhoo

albee 09 26 13
Journalist Chronicles Hollywood Absurdity and Personal Ghosts in New Memoir
LOS ANGELES – Former L.A. music journalist Thomas Wictor was prodded into writing his
memoir after his postings on forum garnered more than 140,000 views in a single month. Ghosts and Ballyhoo, Memoirs of a Failed Music Journalist (Schiffer Publishing, 2013) cleverly dishes about the craziness of the industry without revealing too much.
Thomas Wictor uses himself as the straight man in a wildly bizarre and hilarious life on the periphery of fame in Los Angeles. Written with profane humor and liberating humility, Ghosts and Ballyhoo includes previously unpublished articles, excerpts from interview transcripts, personal correspondence, and photos with some of the best musicians in the world. Not just about the L.A. music scene, Wictor reveals the funny, sad, aggravating and absurdity that make life interesting with perfect comedic timing.