Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stink Pickles and Thinking Tanks

Today's Knowledge is Power is being replaced with Useless Knowledge.

Why the hell anybody would want to know a myriad of ways in which to say they have to go to the bathroom is beyond me but here are just some ways you can say it. Some crazy stuff....research takes me down some deep dark crevices of the unabashed and spontaneous. LOL  Do you have any to add to the list?

1.       Gonna go pinch a loaf

2.       I’m gonna go put out some fires

3.       Going to the pisser

4.       I have to go water the flowers.

5.       I gotta go do the poop scoopin boogie

6.       I feel the need to squeeze the lemon

7.       I’m a few minutes away from fitting into my old wardrobe

8.       I need to drain the dragon/lizard…

9.       Gotta shoot some torpedo’s

10.   I need to pay the water bill.

11.   Gonna go drop some friends off at the lake

12.   Have to make a stink pickle

13.   I have to go do #1/#2

14.   Heading to the conference room

15.   Going to the powder room

16.   Gonna sit on the throne for a bit

17.   Throw another log on the fire

18.   Going to the water closet

19.   Dropping a deuce

20.   Have to whizz

21.   Gotta pay a visit to the thinking tank

22.   I’m going to go feed the devil.

23.   Going to the Loo

24.    I have to hit the can

25.   I need to go see a man about a horse

26.   I gotta go make a deposit (with no return).

27.   The turtle is poking his head out of the shell

28.   I’m dropping the kids off at the pool

29.   Going deep sea diving

30.   I have to go answer the call of nature/nature’s calling

31.   Gotta go make a stinky

32.   Taking a steamer

33.   I need to go to the john

34.   Gonna go visit the little girl’s/men’s room

35.   Gotta make a pit stop

 Enjoy a nice joke:




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