Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Knowldege is Power: Bill Gates Give Me All Your Money

If Bill Gates gave every single penny of his fortune to the U.S. government, it would only cover the U.S. budget deficit for about 15 days. 

So, I cannot in any way substantiate this ‘fact’ I came across. It does however make me think though. It makes my mind go in so many directions that I cannot even begin to make note of them all here because the moment one thought comes, two or three have disappeared. With my age, an eternal 25 years old by the way, I forget things easily. LOL So I’ll try my best to approach a few thoughts I have while reading this sentence.

1.     I often read or hear people say something along the lines of (referring to ‘rich’ people) how if they would give their money then problems would be solved: less hunger, less debt, more school funding, more books in the public libraries…the list goes on and on. These comments often come from people who don’t have that money. I don’t have that money…nowhere close to it. However if I did live among the ranks of millionaires, billionaires, ect I would be thinking to myself…I earned that money. And even if it is a business I am profiting from, it is still my established/inherited/profited money. Why should something I’ve worked so hard to make be given away? We the people complain how taxes ‘steal’ our hard-earned money away from us. How is it right that we expect those with more money to feel any different?

2.     On the other hand, I believe that since we ‘elect’ and I say that lightly as my views on the way our government makes decisions is not a fond view, we should also take ownership of the problems incurred by we the people. And unfortunately ‘we the people’ include those we have ‘elected’ to speak on our behalf. So all this debt we are in, we are a part of that problem. You may not think you have donated to the debt the US budget is struggling with, but as a citizen of the US of Great A, I’m sorry to tell you…you are right there among all the others…who are living with the problem. Of course…you can go into topics such as immigrants, money spent
overseas, and whatever else that could come up as a topic (and I’m far from a history or government guru…it isn’t even favorite topics of mine, but the issue is the very present and real problem of the debt that exists is not just sitting on top of the elected officials. It is sitting on top of our heads too. It does affect us in very real ways.

3.     Why on earth would Bill Gates give over every single penny anyway? Would you?

4.     Fifteen days? That’s it! Gosh…it makes Gates look like a pauper.

5.     Thought the debt continues to grow, these economic hardships are nothing new to our country. The saying history has a way of repeating itself…that wasn’t coined because it was an excuse. There are very real solid examples, evidence of just that happening. Yes, technology may be more further advanced than ever before but sometimes, don’t you feel like we are so very far behind in the times compared to other places?

As I said, I’m no history or political buff. I am just stating my thoughts. I am a very open-minded person. That doesn’t mean that my opinions will change but I will always consider and weigh the information presented to me. I will stand behind my beliefs and convictions mightily but I’m not ignorant. I don’t know everything. There are millions who know more than me. Those who do can shed light on things and may help me understand things in a more clearer light.

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