Saturday, November 2, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Wise Men

WISE MEN by Bruce G. Bennett

2000 years ago, a light appeared in the sky that was so terrifying that some people took their own lives fearing the wrath of God was upon them. A few men saw it as a sign and followed. This book is a work of fiction that explores the possibilities of who these extraordinary travelers might have been. The author also seeks to humanize these Icons of Christian history so that we might be able to understand their motivation and why, out of all of the people on the planet at the time, it was these few that found Christ. Join the adventure and search for yourself. Make your own decisions. Have fun on this greatest of adventures. In 2013, they're coming again. -

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About the Author:
Bruce Bennett is a renowned entrepreneur in the medical industry. As a writer he is a successful, adventurous, tour guide taking readers through myriad tales.
Bruce was born in 1956 and lived through the golden age of America. His novel "We The People" tore that America down. Bruce lives on the edge and makes decisions on a whim. His novel "Digital Air" allowed others to live a secret second life with him. Now join Bruce for the read of the ages. The adventure happening of a lifetime. "Wisemen" is the only book you need this Christmas.

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