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Book Cover & Blurb: The Seven Kingdoms

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The Seven Kingdoms: The Darkening Lands
If you lost everything, how far would you go to take it back? For Brenik and Nalia the only choice is to rebel against the Necromancer Empire that threatens to destroy their world. Uniting an already broken country seems an impossible task, however, "it is in the blackest of nights when even the smallest flame burns brightest."
Naples, FL – Eighteen year-old author, Harry G. Sherwin announces the release of The Seven Kingdoms: The Darkening Lands. Sherwin's novel tells the story of two young elves as they set out into the wilds of Justava where they will face creatures of legend and must overcome age old prejudices in order to raise an army against the Necromancers.
The elves hurried out onto the balcony and watched in horror as the meadows before their city came to life with thousands of flickering flames. Screams rang out through the city as burning stones began to fly effortlessly over the city's high walls and crash into the streets below. In the distance, the drums began to sound an ominous beat and the cries of the enemy rose up as they marched toward the gates. The Empire's victory was at hand.
Brenik and Nalia fled into the tunnel, leaving everything that they had ever loved behind. The deaths, betrayal and the destruction sat heavy on their minds and it was only when they emerged onto the boarders of the Great Forest that they came back to themselves. For the legends say that the forest is haunted by all manner of creatures, but for Brenik and Nalia, it may well be the safest place in Justava.
Brenik stared across his mismatched army, looking from vampires to werewolves to the burly northerners. They all stood true, looking up at him with nothing but respect in their eyes. Brenik turned his horse to face the enemy and narrowed his eyes as he picked out the Emperor. The charge sounded, the Battle of the Great Forest began. It was here that the fate of the Resistance would be decided. But as Brenik waded towards the Emperor, the terrible truth at last struck home. What the elf saw will change him forever.
The Seven Kingdoms: The Darkening Lands is a story of love, betrayal and loyalty and promises a great adventure for all ages. With different characters with very different motives and a final cliffhanger that will leave you wanting more, The Darkening Lands is an effective start to a new series of fantasy epics.
About the book:
The Seven Kingdoms: The Darkening Lands by Harry G. Sherwin
ISBN: 978-1-4817-9213-4
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Date of publish: May 16, 2013
Pages: 212
S.R.P.: $18.24
About the author:
Harry G. Sherwin initially wanted to be a dentist until a holiday to Naples, FL where he discovered his passion for writing. From the Summer of 2012 Sherwin began to work on his first novel whilst he finished high school. Deciding not to carry on to university, Sherwin now plans to continue writing The Seven Kingdoms series in the hopes that one day he might be able to make writing his full time career.

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