Friday, November 8, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Quantum Roots

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Quantum Roots: Federal agents, Alexis Grumman and Jeremy Wade track down a current day vigilante, whose fingerprints match those of a Korean War veteran.
Author Kyle Keyes uses characters from two previous novels, to promote a theory that particle energy formats with a quantum root system, that can bypass time and space. Keyes believes that such fiction could turn to fact as we move into the age of quantum mechanics.
Parrish, FL – Adventure fans everywhere should delight in this fast paced action story, that brings yesterday's gun play back to settle cyberspace-age injustice.
Jesse Joe Jacks was born sometime during the snow blizzard of 1923. The Lower Elk County, game warden died from a lightning strike on July 23, 1959, while wearing a sheriff's star.
Olan Chapman came to life in August of 1974 and found a computer career with a center city, electronics firm. Chapman drinks heavy and is haunted by flashbacks of an older sister, lost to an unsolved case of gang rape and murder. Jacks loved nature and lived to protect wildlife. He stood tall and fought to uphold justice. Jacks was also a crack shot with a firearm - any firearm.
Chapman attends the theatre, plays piano and at one time led a march against the National Rifle Association. Both men have the same fingerprints, much to the chagrin of Lt General Alexis Grumman who heads the federal department for paranormal activities. Working with special agent, Jeremy Wade, Grumman breaks open the case when Chapman's fingerprints turn out to match those of the vigilante.
As the author explains, the book forms part of an exciting series.“Quantum Roots is the last of three manuscripts that are loosely connected. The first two books are Martin Swans Diary and Pandarus File,” says Keyes, a retired breadman and freelance sports writer.
About the book:
Quantum Roots by Kyle Keyes
ISBN: 978-1478392675
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of publish: August 2012
Pages: 262
S.R.P.: $10.23
About the author:
Kyle Keyes is a retired breadman who now works as a church maintenance man in Parrish, FL. He is a high school graduate with two years college. Mr Keyes once wrote sports for local newspapers. He loves golf and has the notable achievement of hitting himself in the foot with a golf club. Keyes has a wife, two children and an armful of grandchildren. This is his third published book.

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