Saturday, November 16, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: The Last Neanderthal Clan

last neanderthal clan
The Last Neanderthal Clan: Dwindling Tribe Fights for Survival in New Anthropological Fiction
The Neanderthals' struggle for survival is complicated by harsh environs and competition from a superior race in The Last Neanderthal Clan.
Fairfax, VA – For centuries the robust Neanderthals dominated the northern European landscape, hunting, gathering and multiplying. With the arrival of the Cro-Magnon clans, the Neanderthal faced a new and more dangerous enemy that could threaten their very existence. Their plight is told in dramatic fashion in the newly released fantasy novel, The Last Neanderthal Clan.
Tens of thousands of years ago, the earth is warming after a prolonged deep freeze and glaciers are melting. Rivers are flooded and mountain valleys are no longer filled with ice, allowing clans to travel to regions previously unexplored. These widely dispersed clans – Cro-Magnon, called northern clans, and Neanderthal, called southern clans – encounter each other in the exploration.
The most dominate among them, the Cro-Magnon clan called the Nord Clan, have developed traditions that encourage hunting and killing. Some northern clans resort to cannibalization. After Nord Clan leader, Carni, fathers a child with a Neanderthal woman and leaves the woman and child with her Neanderthal Clan, he leads his clan in search of Neanderthals in the quest to take slaves.
Later, it falls upon that Neanderthal child, Raka, to lead what remains of his clan on a quest for new hunting grounds and safety from the northern clans. Along the way, they must contend with the perils of the cave bear, wooly mammoth, the cave lion and threatening climate to eek out their survival.
About the book:
The Last Neanderthal Clanby Lisa Lareau
ISBN: 978-1-4787-0511-6
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: August 2013
Pages: 455
S.R.P.: $20.95
About the author:
Lisa Lareau is the daughter of her co-author, Charlie Boring. She is a professional analyst who developed an interest in storytelling, inspired by the stories her father told her as a young girl. The stories were of cavemen and women and the animals that roamed the earth with them. Charlie Boring contributed ideas that led Lisa to write The Last Neanderthal Clan.

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