Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Effed Up!

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Emmy and Golden Globe winning television writer Russ Woody has resurfaced with a new novel! - Effed Up! Story of a Family
NEW YORK - A delightfully disturbing read for anyone who grew up in a dysfunctional family; a reason to be grateful, for anyone who didn’t. But who the hell didn’t? These days the effort to define “family” is front and center in the public eye. And while same-sex couples are struggling to point out their legitimacy to a significant number of Limbaugh-loving Luddites, what about those of us who were forced to grow up in the pressure cooker of the “effed up” nuclear family? Mother-father-two-point-five-children, after all is the perfect paradigm of our cherished Judeo-Christian “family values.”
Effed Up! Story of a Family is a tragic and hilarious romp through the life and tortured mind of thirty something insurance underwriter, Robert Nirth, who struggles to limit his sarcasm and decidedly negative attitude toward women, in order to have a relationship with one. But having grown up in the manipulative clutches of his mother Helen, his sarcasm is the one thing that kept him alive.
His life changes when he meets the stunning sister of his wheelchair-bound overweight gay neighbor—who had it much worse than Robert. From them he learns that sometimes you just have to build your own family. When he realizes his nephew is having a terrifyingly similar childhood, he must decide whether to play by the rules or tell the rest of his family to eff off.
About the book:
Effed Up! Story of a Family by Russ Woody
Publisher: NY Creative Publishing
Date of publish: July 25, 2013
Pages: 183
S.R.P.: $2.99
About the author:
After thirty years in the trenches of television writing – Murphy Brown, Cybill, The Slap Maxwell Story, St. Elsewhere, Mad About You, Becker, The Drew Carey Show, The Middle (and, as the author says, “plenty of other shows much more embarrassing”) – Russ Woody has returned with an adult novel, loosely based on the family he was forced to grow up in.

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