Sunday, October 20, 2013

What They Said: Kate Mosse


A special birthday post for Literary Author and A woman of many hats. Kate Mosse turned 52 today.

Great Words from an experienced and distinguished woman:

“Five minutes of writing a day is better than no minutes.”

                I have been known to write anywhere and everywhere. I’ve grabbed receipts from out of my purse and while waiting in the grocery line I’ve penned a few lines, found new characters, and developed brilliant plotlines. Who says you have to pound away for an indefinite period of time? Honestly, finding ‘spare time’ in my world is…wait, what is spare time? I’m sorry…I don’t understand the meaning of those words. LOL Yeah, I don’t have time to write often and realistically five minutes is a blessing sometimes!

“Writing is a job, a commitment, like any other.”

                A firm decision to write begins for one reason or another. Sometimes it is a passion from the moment we learn to spin letters into words. Other times the mind will insist we write a specific story for healing or for sharing or for teaching. And then there are times where the idea is just a novel idea and one believes it’s about time they write that book they always thought about writing. Whatever your reason for writing it requires commitment. Giving up when nothing comes or when nothing but crap comes is not going to work. You have to keep at it!

“Truth is found most often in the silence, in the quiet places.”

                There are times when one must turn inwards and search our soul in the still of a quiet place. It is out of those silent moments that we learn to be heard and decide what needs to be heard. Seek yourself, look within yourself, listen carefully. Get away from all the noise and you may finally be rewarded with truths, ideas, and inspirations that will carry you much farther than if surrounding yourself by material things and social activities. Are you afraid to be alone?

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