Saturday, October 19, 2013

Unhealthy Bodies Can Hinder Your Novel

Writers Need To Exercise their bodies as well as their writing skills.

It’s so very easy to sit away and clack at the keyboard and never get up and move around. But the quality of a novel is very much enriched or spoiled by the physical health of the writer behind the words. With November coming up many of you will partake in the grueling 30 day challenge to write 50K words. It is so important that you give your body the nutrition it needs however during that month people load up on coffee, candies, easy-to-prepare foods, and anything and everything that IS NOT on your doctor’s suggested list of items.

But that’s okay, right? Not if you aren’t going to exercise your body. So I would like to list FIVE simple exercise activities that will support a more healthy body this coming month. I mean, you do want to write the best book possible, yes? So here they are:

1.     Wall push-ups.
Get up from your writing spot and find the closest wall. Take a step or two away from the wall and then extend your arms away from you and touch the wall, palms down. Now do ten push-ups. It’s that easy
2.     Chair Twists
To get the stiffness out of your body, sit at your chair and simply and slowly twist your arms to one side and then twist to the other side. Ten times and I bet you’ll be feeling a little looser. You may hear some snap, crackle, and pops too!
3.     Neck flex
Your neck is in one spot for a long time while you are writing. It’s important to relieve the tension in your neck just as it is your back. With this exercise you simply take your arm and bend your neck to the left, hold for 5 seconds, then turn head back to normal state. Take your other arm and bend neck to the other side. Then after returning to normal state, bend neck forwards and back five times. Make sure you do this slowly.

4.     Arm extensions
Get your waterbottle or unopened soda can or you can opt to stretch without any tools. Extend one arm to the left side and then pull lower arm upwards. See picture. Then repeat 10 times. Do same with other arm. With your arms in one standard position as you type you really will benefit from this exercise.

5.     Wrist stretching
This one is simple. Just take your wrists and go around and around for about twenty revolutions.

There you go. These won’t take you long at all but the benefits will be far-reaching!

Cheers,  Michala

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