Sunday, October 6, 2013

There is No Award for That

By JccKeith

There was a time not long ago in a kingdom not far away where I spent hours and hours every day, and by hours and hours I mean many, many, many hours on the internet and on my laptop in general.  Granted the majority of this time was spent writing but a vast amount was spent reading other people's blogs and commenting, reading the latest news, checking emails and Facebook and other various social media sites.  I was in the loop, I was connected to others and I was learning more and more with every article, every blog, every conversation.  There never seemed to be a time when I felt I knew enough or had read enough of other people's thoughts.

And then... the unthinkable happened.  I tried to switch internet services and ended up without service while I waited on the new company to come out and set up.  It was this horrible nightmare of a problem and it left me without a way to connect to the online world.  The first day I was in a panic.  I had things to post, things to read, people to talk to and no way - short of leaving  my home and going to some public place offering wifi - to connect. 

By the fourth day I was busy with other things - namely the 300 or 500 channels I had just gained with my new satellite provider.  These new channels and the movies that came with them kept me busy in the hours when my kids were at school, my husband was at work and the many other times when I would have been online.

All in all, I spent a record four or five weeks without the internet.  And I don't have a fancy smarty pants phone that allows me to get online or check emails.  I also made no trips to locations which provided internet access because - well - to put it succinctly, I'm far too lazy for all that nonsense.

So... left without access to the world (because I don't watch regular television or news channels or talk shows or anything of that nature and I don't 'chat' with people on a regular basis) - one might say I had time to meditate on the  meaning of life.  I had time to truly appreciate life in all its simplicity.... and some other crap people who are into that might do.  I am not one of those people.

I watched a lot of movies I haven't seen in years and laughed a lot.  I watched a lot of television shows I had never heard of and learned a little more about cows than I ever really wanted to know thanks to some guy named Dr. Pol.  I read a few more books.  I spent more time with my family.  I realized that the world went on without me, political systems did not crumble, civilizations did not fall, world leaders did not question why I was not paying attention to their nefarious actions and the American government seemed completely oblivious to my individual plight with the internet company and made no effort to remedy the situation.  The sun rose and set just as it always does and life in general went on around me.

I suppose I could take that realization and manufacture some enlightened thoughts about my place in the grand scheme of things or trying to make a difference or something but really, that would require effort and quite frankly, there is no award for that. I need at least a pat on the back or a cookie or something to make it worth it.