Saturday, October 26, 2013

NaNoWriMo Preparation Day 9 of 14

Today its all about Food and Drink!

Enduring 30 days of intense writing is going to steal your attention away from a number of things. Family, chores, dentist appointments (egads!)…you get my point. You’ll also forget to eat at times; especially during the highs where you are speed-typing (or writing) because everything is going abso-freaking-fantabulous and the last thing you would consider is tearing yourself away to stuff your growling, starving body.

But eat you must.

So get together a heaping portion of snack foods. Energy bars, slim jims, apples, poptarts, beef jerky, bananas,  cereal bars, and whatever is easy to tear open with your teeth (your hands will be busy) and swallow down in a couple bites or less. If you could ingest your food through a tube I promise there will be times where you would be paying for this amenity. Grab a basket or something and throw all your foodies (play on goodies, duh) and put it next to wherever you will be writing. If you are a traveling writer, keep your bag stuffed with the proper supplies and keep refills easily accessible.

Are you a coffee drinker? Yes? You’ll likely be guzzling down this liquid as if your life depended on it. It probably does for the month of November. Stock up on your sugar, creamer, coffee, and whatever else you desire.

Not a coffee drinker? Load up on your Mountain Dew, Doctor Pepper, Pepsi, whatever your poison
be. But try to be a good little writer and buy a couple 24 packs of bottled water. Rehydrate your body…it does a writer well. I promise!

These two elements…food and drink although vital for everyday survival, will be something easily overlooked during the coming month. If you have a significant other who supports your outlandish idea to take on such a crazy endeavor, request they help you out by keeping you well-stocked. Then kindly tell them to not bother you while you are in writing mode.

What is writing mode? How do explain that to others? We’ll tackle that subject tomorrow.



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