Thursday, October 24, 2013

NaNoWriMo Preparation Day 7 of 14

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Writing Every Day

Okay, so we discussed having an outline. Of course, there are those of you out there that just HATE or can’t work with OUTLINES. That’s totally cool. I get that. So what can you do?

Plan. But don’t overplan.


Well, I planned my entire story in my head and on paper last year and I found those crazy characters will push you out of the driver’s seat after a while.

I complained about this to my husband too. He looked at me like I was completely crazy and was gearing up to call the nice people who drive up to the house and present you with a gift of a creepy, probably itchy, white jacket! He replied in a calm voice…”Michala, you are like God in your book. You control everything. You write what happens. You decide who does what.”

I looked at him, considered smacking him alongside the head, but then chose to look at him with pity and said in a small, sad voice, “you will never understand.”

You can plan and plan and plan but it will only take you so far. And oftentimes that planning gets in the way of the magic. And Stephen King said it best:

“Just remember that Dumbo didn't need the feather; the magic was in him.”

― Stephen King, On Writing

At some point you have to stop planning and just rely on the magic inside you. You are a writer. If you’ve never written before you are still a writer because the desire inside you exists. As long as you write something and keep at it…you will find the talent and skill to write that story that is screaming or whispering to get out.



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