Sunday, October 20, 2013

NaNoWriMo Preparation: Day 3 of 14

Don't Play the Game of Chance with your Writing.  

Welcome Back! So how goes the daily writing? Be truthful! I’m telling you, if you can’t make yourself write everyday NOW how the heck are you going to do it all through November? Do you really want to write this 50K word novel in 30 days? Kick it in gear.

Alright, so you came back for another preparation tip. (I appreciate your coming.)

Today’s tip is quite important. How are you going to write your novel? Long-hand? I don’t see many people who do that these days but there is nothing wrong with it. There are pros and cons of longhand just as there are with typing away at the computer/laptop/whatever electronic device is your poison. (But we aren’t here for that conversation.)

Nope. The letter of the day is S. The word of the day is SAVE. Save your work. Should you lose your writing, whether it is an outline or 25K words or all 50K words…S.A.V.E it! Frequently.

Now for you who choose to go with the ink/lead you might think...this can’t be deleted, think again! I had dozens of my poems and short stories in a messenger bag and it went everywhere I went. Until one day I stepped out and away from my car long enough to deliver a piece of paper to the clerk behind a counter and when I came back my car window was smashed and my bag was gone. All my writings, well not ALL…but enough of them was gone. Forever. Sigh….they were deleted from my life just like that. So, be kind to yourself. Make a copy of everything you have written and just to be safe, make two copies. Put them in two different places. Then your luck will be a bit better than mine.

For you who are clacking away somewhere, you can save and back up frequently and you should. I would however suggest you type in Google Drive because its automatically saved frequently. If you are absolutely against Google, that’s cool. Save and then email yourself the attachments. Use two email accounts in case you can’t access one. Another option is to use OneNote. (I freaking LOVE that program.) You can utilize your files for notes, character info, plot info, ect. It’s super easy and very efficient and helps you organize things. I created a file in OneNote where I pasted a calendar and logged my word count every single day. You can do a million things with the program.

The basic and vital point is to save in numerous ways and however is most convenient for you. I can’t begin to list all the consequences of what happens when you lose your work. For me personally if I’ve lost a certain amount of my writing I lose the zeal to go back in and rewrite it. It becomes a hardship and I don’t even feel as connected to it as I originally did. Othertimes what I wrote was so much in the character that when I went back to rewrite it I couldn’t find the character’s voice again.

Save Save Save at every corner, every yawn, every phone ring…just any time something takes you away from the ‘moment’ use it as a ‘save your work’ reminder.

Write everyday. Find a support system (NaNoWriMo site or something). And SAVE CONSTANTLY. J



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