Saturday, October 19, 2013

NaNoWriMo Preparation: Day 2 of 14

More than just a place to log your word count...

If you haven't yet signed up for National Novel Writing Month on their so now. (I'll hang out here while you do it.)

Why? It's elemental to your success! I promise you!!!!

I honestly found the website a bit frustrating my first few times around and really ended up giving up the first four times I tried NaNoWriMo. The fifth year I tried to write my 50K word novel in thirty days I signed up, signed in, and learned how to better maneuver myself around the site.

There are various reasons you need to do this but the one I am going to discuss today is SOCIAL SUPPORT. You have no idea how extremely vital it is to have the support of like-minded (and like-stressed people). They completely understand what you are experiencing. They will listen to you whine, cry, scream, and throw the biggest tantrum ever and then they will give you hugs, pat your back, and support you through your trying days.

If you have the time there are even local in real person get-togethers where people go to write around other NaNoWriMer's for maybe an hour or two or three...heck, here in my town they have shut-ins where people write all day or all night. It's AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!! TOTALLY!!!!!

Why do you need such support? I honestly can say that there were times when I used and abused the NNWM website...I have to write and again the last thing I want to do is what's almost as good as writing? Going to the website and reading about everybody else's writing issues.

This is when I say...Give yourself a time limit on the website per day. Like, say, no more than twenty minutes every morning or fifteen minute inspiration stops during your midday break. Something like that is required or you will fail in writing your book.

So go on...start getting accustomed to the site. Meet the people in your vicinity. Find some shut-ins. Opt in on some conversations and preparation activities. You'll find something neat happens when you take part in this. (just don't drink the koolaid.) Mwhahahahaah


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