Thursday, October 31, 2013

NaNoWriMo Preparation: Day 14 of 14


BINGE. On Writing, that is!

Okay, tomorrow is the big day. Day one of the big NNWM event. I highly suggest, I urge, I COMMAND you to write. Write. WRITE. Don't stop until you can't write anymore.

It is so so so so so so important that you BINGE WRITE TOMORROW. I'm serious. Skip work. Call in Sick. Hire a babysitter. Hire Merry Maids. Don't clean, don't cook, don't work, ignore your kids, your spouse. JUST WRITE DAMNIT!!

We are very fortunate (most of us anyway) Tomorrow is Friday. You have all weekend to BINGE WRITE. But you must start tomorrow.

What do I mean by BINGE WRITING?

Don't strive for your 1667 words for the day. You gotta get 5K words. No...7K words. Can you push yourself to 10K words? Here's why:

The first week and into the second week you will be writing along your merry way, humming, singing, feeling all good and gooey inside. And then at the end of week two or the beginning of week three...IT WILL HAPPEN! Your fingers will stop clapping away (or they will slow down). Your pen will not be mightier than the sword...but it will feel really HEAVY and SLUGGISH. You'll slow down so much because of a number of possible reasons.

Your characters refuse to tell you what they want.
Your story did a number on you and went in a direction you weren't expecting.
Something inside you died and your zeal for the story went with it.
You've began to doubt yourself, the story, your ability....something will be doubted.

And then you will find you have gone a single day without writing. And maybe two or three days. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then you are like..."I'll never make it now!"

But wait! Then you remember how you followed my advice and you BINGED WROTE...and you are actually ahead of the count so it's okay. You are a day or two...maybe three ahead and so now you can rework your story, kill a character or plug some twist to crank things in gear...give your inner critic a dose of Novocain so they can't make any sensible words out...and they just sound all zombie like and thus you don't know that it is putting you down and trying to force you to doubt something.


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