Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NaNoWriMo Preparation: Day 10,11, 12 and 13 of 14


I have sound logical reasons for missing the last couple days. SURGERY. Fun stuff. This is a prime example of the things that can butt heads with your writing.

Day 10: Your write mode:
What is your writing mode? What I mean is not whether it is argumentative or persuasive. I'm talking about distractions. Are you easily distracted? Do you have a lot of distractions going on? Most likely, you do. Life gets in the way...

During NaNoWriMo it is very important to keep those distractions to a minimum. Prepare your loved ones for what is coming. Create a sign that says: Keep out, I'm writing! Let people know when you are going to be writing. Let them know not to expect clean clothes or cooked dinners every evening. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

*Set yourself a designated place to write. *Stock your fridge with foods your monsters can eat without burning down the house. *Understand you are not a complete failure if and when your house is not spotless.

Yes, I know, Thanksgiving is also in November. Take advantage of FLYLADY's emergency crisis cleaning tips unless you can hire someone to clean and cook for you. LOL (TOTALLY NOT ME!)

Day 11: Lighten your Social Media Mode

Let people know that your tweets may be fewer and farther in between this coming month. Let your blog readers know that your posts will be shorter this coming month. Let your LinkedIn peeps know that unless it is an emergency, they are not to contact you. Tumbler....tumble a picture of a number everyday....telling the world this is how many words you have written and how many words you have left to go. Facebook the same info.

But your social media sites are going to have to sit in the backseat for the month of November. Your focus is your novel. That's it!

Day 12: Just WRITE!

Nobody can tell you whether you are good enough or proficient enough or creative enough to write this novel. NOBODY! And even you can't tell yourself the truth because until you tackle it, take a chance with it, you'll not even know yourself what you are capable of. Don't doubt. Just DO. Just write. Get your mindset in the right gear. Tell yourself that no matter what, you are going to just write....That's all it takes. It goes back to the basics. Remember preparation day one where I said, sit your butt down and write everyday. HERE is where you will find that step repeating and reappearing every single day. If you don't write every aren't going to produce squat!. Just WRITE.

Day 13: Finish your outline!
Tomorrow you need to have everything in order. Get that outline done today! Don't put it off until tomorrow. It doesn't need to be perfect. This is essential to understanding your first draft that you WILL write in November will also be far from perfect. But get that outline done today.

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