Friday, October 18, 2013

NaNoWriMo: Preparation Day 1 of 14

Must I write EVERY DAMN DAY?

Do you already write every day? If not...I would suggest you begin immediately.

I'm not saying write a thousand words or ten thousand words. All I am saying is you have to get used to the act of FORCING yourself to plant your ass in a chair with a piece of paper or a computer in front of you and actively write something.

Why FORCE yourself, you ask? Because that will ultimately become the key to your survival during November. I promise after the first week or so you are going to HATE doing it. You will see your dirty laundry. You will smell the cat litter box. You will remember every damn library book you never returned and then go on a scavenger hunt...a ravage search of them ALL. You will also decide to pick up extra hours at work or volunteer for your child's fall festival. You might even decide it is the perfect time to join your church choir which requires twice weekly rehearsals or might decide November is the perfect month to go  start finding willing participants to help set up that Give a Glove Donation Drive...only to find you've taken over the entire program yourself...because who can do better than you? HA!

You get my drift....? You are going to want to do every single damn thing EXCEPT FOR WRITING! And if you are going to get that 50K word novel, pssst.....yeah, you.....hey, over here...."You gotta WRITE the book to succeed."

So all I'm saying is FORCE yourself to sit down and write something, anything...every single day for the next thirteen days.

You might start with five minute free writing. Set your phone, kitchen, or whatever timer...and then just write without stopping. Don't lift that pen up. Don't stop tapping away on those keys. Whatever and however you opt to write...don't stop for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES. Let's try it now. I'll wait right here......
....................... did it go? It was kinda hard maybe, yes? I mean writing without stopping at all. Fortunately you aren't going to have to write without stopping when it comes to the 50K word EPIC novel you have stuck in your brain, but you will have to force yourself to write when you are trying to get all 1667 words in every single day and you realize that your characters refuse to talk to you...and if you don't believe your characters talk to you...come back to me in about twenty five days. LOL

You can also elect to choose random generators to help you pick something to write. There are tons of them. One of my favorites: Seventh Sactum. But here are a couple others.

Writing prompts
Plot Points

The main thing is that you write EVERY DAY.

Come back tomorrow at 2pm for your next preparation for NaNoWriMo tip.

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