Thursday, October 17, 2013

NaNoWriMo: Are You Ready?

Are You Ready for National Novel Writing Month

For some of you, you are scratching your head and wondering just what the frick I am talking about. I promise you…I’m not crazy. (Much) Others of you are screaming at me for reminding you and you are looking at your watch counting down the days. You know what the entire month of November means…Stress, Nerve-wracking frustration, heaps of dirty laundry, piles of dirty dishes, kids barely making it out with clothes on their back and who cares if they have brushed their teeth or whether their socks match. Do they ever want that anyway? Others of you are experiencing that gut-wrenching, heart-pounding throbbing circulating from your chest all throughout your body. You can feel the anxious, exciting, moment of reaching November 30th and exclaiming to the world…or at least all those around you who you have just spent 43,200 minutes ignoring that you finished your 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

What is NaNoWriMo? Click the Link and learn about it.

Are you back already? Do you think you can do it? So….are you ready…punk?

Most sites opt to give you daily tips to encourage you in getting through November. Which we are going to generously offer as well. BUT I wanted to help you prepare. Of course I’m only one person and you may take my words as solid, sound advice or you can toss it out with yesterdays spoiled pork n’ beans.
What makes my words sound? What gives me the right to even suggest possible tips? Um….well, I did
complete my last year with success. That sorta gives me some credibility. I think what lends even more my way is the fact that I epically failed four years in a row.

Scraching your head? Again? Yeah, I know…that probably doesn’t sound like if gives me a lot of credibility but if I tried four times and failed but the fifth time I succeed…I think I have a pretty good idea of what MIGHT work for some people because I finally found things that helped me.

Now we don’t all write the same. I seriously believe there are those who can just dive in and do it well. I however am not one of those. I seriously needed some BIG changes from the previous four failures to manage a successful NaNoWriMo. Are you curious?

Well, come back tomorrow at 2pm (Eastern) for my first of fourteen tips all geared to help prepare you to give National Novel Writing Month your best shot. And then, come back daily for more help while you write!  


  1. I have just found out about this nanwrimo thingy, so I shall be following your scribblings with a great deal of curiosity!
    Good to meet you, by the way!

  2. It's so amazing people are still just climbing on board for the first time, new to the experience! It's a pleasure to meet you Anita and I wish you the best of success in your November writing endeavors. Find your personal motta to get thru the hard times and cling to it. Mine... "If I get stuck somewhere I will throw a kink in the story" the definition of kink: a small problem or flaw. Broken bones. someone dies or goes missing, someone finds something, loses something, overhears something, all kinds of things! LOL If you can't find has a plot generator that saves me all the time.