Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Book Covery & Blurb: Civilised Blood

civilised blood
-Truth or fiction? in explosive new Kindle e-book Civilised Blood
A sensational new book by Tom Phelps and John Gallagher appears to claim that the British Government deliberately stopped the cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico costing BP billions in claims and damaging the ocean off Louisiana.
LONDON - Civilised Blood is a story of violence and bloodshed set against a background of ordinary people rebelling in opposition to unelected Eurocrats and the increasing poverty and injustice that is spreading across the continent. In a crumbling European Union there is a difference between what the ruling political and bureaucratic classes are imposing and what the middle classes and workers want. A simmering pent up tension is set to explode into violence. Meanwhile, in the UK Michael Byrne is facing criminal charges because he dared to reveal the truth about the bureaucrats of HMRC and their friends, the energy companies. In a sensational trial that blends political intrigue, emerging new green technology, and the clandestine powers of the UK tax man, Byrne turns the tables and is held up by the revolutionaries in Europe as an icon for justice against the tyranny of the State and its army of bureaucrats. In their first collaborative novel, Phelps and Gallagher may not please the politically correct, but this story will resonate with the majority of hard working ordinary people throughout Europe, and anywhere that politicians and bureaucrats are not loved.
Gallagher says, “The truth about what bureaucrats chose to do and what the current Government appears to endorse, will come out in the first big trial of environmental martyrs. The technologies are real but Government officials wanted them destroyed for reasons that can only be revealed in Court. Meanwhile we all have to be very careful, hope that vital evidence is not conveniently lost or destroyed or that unique UK secret court constraints are not used.”
If what is written about cleanup technologies proves to be true, then the UK Coalition Government faces a multi-billion dollar law suit from BP and the USA States affected by the Gulf disaster. What is even more disturbing perhaps is the possibility that claims in Civilised Blood about deliberate rigging of court cases by civil servants, and a whole host of other apparent facts about catastrophic waste and abuse, might also be true.
This political thriller is fiction, but if it is based on fact then Europe and the UK could be set alight by the content and the USA may question its relationship with its old ally, Great Britain.
About the book:
Civilised Blood by Tom Phelps and John Gallagher
ISBN: 978-1489528230
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of publish: June 2013
Pages: 394
S.R.P.: $15.20

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