Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: The Wine Lover's Diet

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New Wine Lovers Diet Makes Sense By Avoiding All The Gimmicks
San Francisco - The secret is out: you can lose weight and drink your favorite beverage by paying attention to just a few common-sense rules.
Co-authored by medical doctors and a push from Nobel Prize scientist Linus Pauling, The Wine Lover's Diet nails down the evidence for weight loss and sensible use of wine. This is far from a gimmick-type diet: it's based on the most recent studies of what works. The rules are simply presented, and they're backed up by quotes from wine-makers, nutrition analysts, and great chefs from around the world. Some of the advice is well known, such as limiting the intake of "empty" calories. Yet there is also an abundance of exciting advice about the benefits of wine. The general press has to "pull its punches," says Dr. Richard Kunin, one of the co-authors. "The medical community is quite limited in what it can say about what is quite common throughout Americans: we love wine. But we can drink it in moderation."
Additional comments from Dr. Kunin:
“When you have finished this book, you will learn why some have called it “The Joyous Swindle.” Why the Wine Lover’s Diet is new and very, very different.”
“In the current fad of denying ourselves the pleasures of eating, out of fear of fat, many of us have become afraid of our basic instincts and even of our own bodies.”
“Food should be satisfying and fulfilling, not just filling. The overwhelming evidence of nutritional science corroborates this view: the time-proven foods such as butter and eggs, fish and lean meat and high-nutrient vegetables, give us the satisfaction and variety we need to function at our best. It’s the man-made foods that undo us: the sugars and refined flours that not only displace good food but also cause unwanted hormonal reactions.”
“This book makes a vital distinction between the “rich” and “poor” carbohydrates. Good dietary advice is a matter of distinctions, not fads and promotions. Don’t listen to any advice on the order of “eating only fruit in the morning,” or the promise of “eating more and losing weight.” The daily intake of carbohydrates in this country is about 300 grams — a lot. I have found, among my patients, that by lowering this to half or less they not only feel better but also steadily lose weight.”
The wine industry is experiencing a boom in new wine lovers. This book shows how such a natural part of our diet is not at all at odds with weight maintenance. If you want solid science, as well as insight, about your own issues of diet and wine drinking, this book is a must.
About the book:
The Wine Lover’s Diet by Dr. Richard Kunin
Publisher: Fideli Publishing Inc.
Date of publish:
Pages: 118
S.R.P.: $9.99
About the author:
Dr. Richard Kunin is a San Francisco psychiatrist and co-founder, with Linus Pauling, of the Orthomolecular Medical Society. His books include MegaNutrition and MegaNutrition for Women (McGraw-Hill).

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