Thursday, October 24, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: The Dave Test

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Rev. Dr. Schmidt To Release His New Book, The Dave Test
Evanston, IL – Reverend Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt to release his new book, The Dave Test, on October 15, 2013.
What is the Dave Test? When life is at its tattered edges and you are faced with seemingly impossible decisions, the Dave Test is a set of honest questions to be answered that will help people become the best, most honest version of themselves for their friends and family in the face of mortality.
After watching families during funerals, visiting with patients in the hospital, providing spiritual direction and counseling for those going through hard times, and his brother Dave's diagnosis of terminal brain cancer, Dr. Schmidt realized that today's culture is deeply shaped by fear of death.
“In a giant, frantic race, we have cut one another adrift, allowing those whom we love the most to experience death and loss alone,” he explains in one chapter.
Following the loss of his brother, Schmidt was spurred to write this how-to guide to preserving the dignity of the dying.
Did you show up to work yesterday just to be greeted with a layoff notice? What do you say when your friend miscarries? Or when your brother is diagnosed with a wildly incurable cancer? Hard-hitting issues such as these aren't necessarily part of God's perfect plan or blessings in disguise.
When life tosses you hard problems with only painful options, take the Dave Test. It will empower you to take life head-on with blunt wisdom, soul-searching honesty, and utter integrity.
"We've all been both victims and perpetrators of it--the hurtful bit of spiritual sunshine that is foisted upon a suffering soul. In The Dave Test, Fred Schmidt shows us a better way to be: honest, empathetic, vulnerable, earnest, earthy, substantial, and refreshingly uncertain. It is a beautiful vision for a helpful life." --Mike Stavlund, author of A Force of Will
"In this book find Fred Schmidt’s singular ability to translate chronicles of loss and pain into a sanctioned call for honesty about faith as it is lived and as it is allowed to mature in us." --Phyllis Tickle, author
"The Dave Test is a true and beautifully written book about that most important of questions: What do we do when everything falls apart for us or those we love?" --Greg Garrett, author of Stories from the Edge: A Theology of Grief and The Other Jesus
“The book is an uncommon account of what our society does not want to know and cannot remember, but what we need to know. . .Not explanation, but presence.” - Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary
About the book:
The Dave Test by Frederick W. Schmidt
ISBN: 978-1426755934
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Date of publish: October 2013
Pages: 176
S.R.P.: $16.99
About the author:
Frederick W. Schmidt is an Episcopal priest, spiritual director, and retreat leader. He has written numerous articles and reviews, including When Suffering Persists (2001) and What God Wants for Your Life (2005). He is also the series editor for the new Conversations with Scripture Series, a cooperative effort of the Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars and Morehouse-Continuum. Schmidt and his wife, Natalie, live in Chicago with their Gordon Setter, Hilda.

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