Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ready for the Journey?

By: Michala Tyann

I did something today that I've not had the opportunity to do in a long time. I visited a book store.. Well, actually, I visited two!

I went in with no clear idea of what I hoped to find. I just perused the aisles. Every now and then I would take a stepstool, sit down, and tilt my head to the right letting my eyes breeze over the titles of a certain section.

As I continued to walk around I realized something. There is a similar feeling every single time I go into the book store. It is a feeling of wanting a certain book but not sure what that book is...or where even to begin looking for it. This feeling leads to me thinking, "why don't I just write the book?" But then there lies the problem of not truly knowing what book it is that I am looking for.

This problem, I have come to understand, is the same problem I have when trying to write my books. Just as I've skimmed the bookshelves looking for that book that will claim me as its owner, I skim my thoughts looking for the idea that will claim me as its writer.

It feels like a long hallway full of doors that don't want to open for me. I wish that when I went into the bookstore I could walk around and then see that one book...glowing animatedly and screaming 'Come get me! I'm the one you want!' I wish I could sift through the file cabinet within my mind and see all cream colored files...all except that one that is a bold red file. And inside it, when I open it, is the story idea that wakes my senses, unlocks my inhibitions, and makes me smile all while coming alive with excitement.

Would this not be the perfect thing!

But writing and reading is just not that easy. Finding that book to read, the one that will rapture you away and carry you along on the wings of a dragonfly through an enchanted world that is not your is a journey searching for it. And all journeys require time. Attention. Passion. Just as finding that story inside you is a journey. Patience is required. It isn't skill that is required in this process. It is determination mingled with imagination.

Sometimes finding that imagination is difficult. Be it a stressful day, or sinuses, or school, or whatever that is the is difficult getting to the place inside yourself with which you can use as a starting place.

But isn't that everything in life? Really, if you want to find something, be something, learn something, go have to have all those characteristics: time, attention, passion, determination, imagination. So really...I suppose the starting place for anything is attitude. With the right attitude you can pave the way to getting, doing, being, learning, and anything else you desire.

Where is your attitude at today? If you don't know, then you aren't ready for the journey!

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