Sunday, September 15, 2013

Interview W/Author: Dee Rose

Interview With Author Dee Rose, Writer of CLONING AROUND 
So Let’s start off by getting to know you a little. First a little game…Two truths a lie!
I go fishing every summer in Nebraska for the Forth of July.

I Served five years in the United States Navy.

One of my favorite TV shows is Glee.

I’m going to take a guess….you DON’T like Glee…although I personally LOVE it. LOL But that’s okay, I’ll forgive you!  Haha

Do tell us a bit about yourself. 

a.      Your favorite season: Summer
b.      Your favorite holiday: Veterans Day
c.       Who was your favorite teacher? My first political science professor, Dr. Hazan, at Metropolitan State University at Denver because he didn’t just let me say what I wanted without facts even though he agreed with me.
d.      What is your favorite television show? Modern Family
e.      Who do you respect the most?  My mother because she was a single woman and raised a man.   I fought her tooth and nail for eighteen years.  Haha

Okay…Let’s get down to the Nitty-Gritty and discuss your book since this is why we are all here. (Not saying you aren’t important since your book would never be here without you!

What was the most difficult task for you while writing this book? 
The most difficult task in writing this book was the research on the subject of cloning and trying to incorporate it into my story.
Where were you & what were you doing when you conceived the idea for your book?
I was sitting in a Naval hospital room recovering from knee surgery and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.
What is your writing schedule like? 
I write mostly in the evening because I work in the morning – never on vacation though.
What suggestions might you offer to others who write? 
I would just say to sit down and get the story out.  Worry about the small stuff later.
What is the most important element in a novel, in your opinion? 
I believe the most important element in a novel is the dialogue.  It can move the story and entertain all at once.
Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your time with us here! Before we go…we like to do this thing called
Rapid Answer Zone 

Pizza, hot pockets, or pizza rolls?                      Pizza
Where was the last tattoo you got?                  I have none.
What is in your pocket right now?                    My keys 

Now, which one of the three was the lie?

The lie was that I go fishing in Nebraska every summer for the Forth of July.

I think I like you so much more now that I know you actually like Glee.  <3 span="" style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> 

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