Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: StrikeStone

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New Science Fiction Novel Explores How Women Survive War
How do women on the war-torn savannah live with few resources, dependent children, and no voice in the public square? Stella Atrium’s latest book StrikeStone presents a cohort of women who succeed by their own wits and using the tools at hand.
CHICAGO – Stella Atrium’s third book in the Dolvia Saga, StrikeStone, follows the return to Dolvia’s savannah of Brianna Miller as she struggles to protect the tribes during a conflict with the Borabean who seek to capture the new mineral silicide.
Brianna Millier is an agent for Somule Gems in Paris and nobody’s fool, recalled to the savannah on Dolvia just when the warriors are absent for militia duty. She travels with warriors Rufus and Kyros through the wormhole to Westend, the galaxy quadrant where the Chinese mining company is grabbing the mineral wealth.

Brianna wants to start a new industry so the tribes can prosper, but is stymied by the backward-looking women of the Mecukoo. She must help the tribeswomen change before real change can happen in the community.
Rabid Readers Reviews said, “One need not read the first two novels to appreciate the beauty and elegance of Atrium’s new world in StrikeStone, but reading the novel certainly made this reader want to pick up the previous two.”
Regarding this middle book in the series, Atrium explained, “The reader will greet friends from the previous two books who are making hard choices for protesting the oppressive rule of Rabbenu Ely. In fact, the story opens with the immolation of Kyle Rula, so shocking that it makes the evening news in Paris, France on this side of the wormhole.”
As for appealing to a target audience, she added, “Sci-fi stories about women, actually girls, tend to focus on how she acts like a man, or has powers beyond her age or physical strength. In truth, women operate in groups supporting each other, sometimes without salary or encouragement. I want the reader to find characters she can relate to who solve problems like her own problems, but in a sci-fi setting.”
About the book:
StrikeStone by Stella Atrium
ISBN: 978-1475995763
Date of publish:
Pages: 360
S.R.P.: $20.95
About the author:
Stella Atrium is a novelist and playwright living in Chicago. She received a M.A. in Creative Writing from The School of the Art Institute in 1999. She teaches creative writing online and academic writing at DePaul University.

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