Sunday, September 29, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Sarah's Summer Adventures

sarah's summer
A Flash Flood and Overturned Bus Kick Off Sarah's Summer Adventures a New Juvenile Fiction
Sarah's Summer Adventures start in terrifying, grand fashion with a flash flood and a bus that goes topsy-turvy. The juvenile adventure book is just in time for youngsters' summer reading.
Claypool, AZ – A summer of recreational bliss awaits Sarah and her friends … if they can survive the trip. The high school students face disaster after disaster in Sarah's Summer Adventures.
Mr. Turner’s sophomore science class is a favorite among his high school students, with lively experiments and funny discussions. Science is made even more exciting with Turner's special incentives: a seat on the bus to Ghost Creek Day Camp for anyone who scores 100 percent on the final exam. Ghost Creek offers ATV’s, archery and more – with a competition to win two tickets to any venue, or athletic or musical program the winner desires. It’s what students work toward all year.
Sarah has earned her perfect score and is packed up and ready for a summer of fun with her friends. But first they have to survive the flash flood that tips over their school bus … and this is only the beginning of Sarah's Summer Adventures.
About the book:
Sarah's Summer Adventures Teen Book 1: The Compass Cactus by Kent Johnson Olsen
ISBN: 9781432798895
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: July 30, 2013
Pages: 79
S.R.P.: $10.95
About the author:
Kent Johnson Olsen is also the author of Chamorro (1994) and Liana’s Wish Book 1: Liana Saves Huldi(2006). He was a member of the League of Utah Writers for 10 years and trained under published writers like Ora Pate Stewart (Utah Poet Laureate), Elizabeth Lane (Silhouette), Blaine Yorgason (LDS author), and Orson Scott Card (science fiction). These authors gave their time and expertise to help upcoming writers. Kari Kinnard Pratt published Liana’s Wish Book 1. Kari and Kent wrote together for seven years at the Miami, Arizona, town library. Each week for one hour per week, they sat and discussed the current project, completing 26 stories ranging from one to 80 pages. Liana’s Wish Book 1 Liana Saves Huldi was their first published work together.

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