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Book Cover & Blurb: Return of the Heroine

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Historic Heroine Inspires West Point Cadet in Sexual Assault Crisis
New Novel Weaves Mystique of Joan of Arc with Lessons on Courage
BOSTON – Nearly 600 years since a legendary heroine went to war for her country, a young Cadet discovers that being a female in the military is exciting, confusing and fraught with danger on more levels that just enemy combatants. The new novel, Return of the Heroine, blends daring adventure with vivid lessons on courage under the threat of the same crime that has been disempowering women in the service through the ages.
Return of the Heroine’s Jane Archer eagerly begins her first year appointed to West Point. Yet the thrill of attending the prestigious academy gives way to an increasing sense of foreboding that takes a violent turn when her best friend is raped. Jane comes to realize the outrageous numbers of other women under her cadet command who had suffered the same violence.

“Though my character Jane Archer confronts the ultimate crime against a woman, the novel is filled with messages about turning the energy of fear into empowerment,” says author Kaye Michelle. “Women can rely on this guidance in a similar perilous situation or for more common adversities, such as in the workplace or relationships.”
In the shock of this unthinkable event, Jane travels through a veil of time to medieval France and meets Joan of Arc. Jehanne D’arc, as she was known then, helps Jane find the courage to survive in a menacing military landscape and expose the unthinkable crime—while helping carry the truth of Jehanne’s legacy into the future.
“Not only is Joan of Arc considered one of history’s ultimate heroines, her fateful story intrigues and inspires women across the globe to this day,” adds author Michelle.
Readers are treated to a fascinating excursion into 15th century France as Jane glimpses the same castle hallways and forested byways as Jehanne. The mesmerizing and mystical coming-of-age story also features an encounter with Archangel Michael who advises Jehanne as she undertakes a mission that will change the course of history.
About the book:
Return of the Heroine by Kaye Michelle
ISBN: 978-1452562797
Publisher: BalboaPress
Date of publish: November 2012
Pages: 344
S.R.P.: $21.99
About the author:
Kaye Michelle is a teacher, author and healer who works inspiring others to find their inner courage. Her own experience when appointed to West Point as a young woman served as a catalyst for this novel. She co-founded Franklin Yoga and has been published in the 2009 Chicken Soup for the Soul-Power Moms, and 2012 Stay at Home Moms. She also founded a nonprofit for environmental and human relief. She is currently writing more books, teaching and speaking on the topic of women’s courage.

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