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Book Cover & Blurb: My Father, Humming

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Touching Poetry Book Follows Author’s Father’s Decline With Alzheimer’s In My Father, Humming
Chester, CT - Jonathan Gillman has released his book of poetry, My Father, Humming.
This book, an enormously moving series of poems which reads like a novel, follows Jonathan’s father’s decline with dementia and Alzheimer’s, and Jonathan’s journey through this process—of trying to deal with the changes in his father, and to continue communicating with him as, more and more, he disappeared; of Jonathan’s acceptance both of his father—who he had been and who he was becoming—and of his own mortality. It is a book of anger and loss—as well as of joy and love.

Jonathan’s father was a classically trained pianist with a certificate from Juilliard; music is a thread running throughout the book. Music was a way for the two to communicate even as words failed his father. And when his father hummed along as Jonathan played his piano—even though so much else of who he had been was gone—it was clear: not only could he still make music, but, for the first time, they could make it together.
As Jonathan writes in the author notes,“In the end I understood that what was happening to him happens to us all. My Father, Humming is a tribute to what it means to be a child—a parent—a human being.”
It is also a very useful book, as is clear whenever Jonathan reads parts of it in public. It is remarkable to see how deeply this story affects others, and how much it helps them.
My Father, Humming appeals to everyone, no matter their age or demographics.
It tells everyone’s story.
It helps people feel less alone.
It helps people cope.
It helps people find closure.
It makes people feel better.
It connects people to each other.
For more information, visit; the site includes audio and video versions of Jonathan reading a few of the poems. Videos of Jonathan reading three of the poems are also posted on YouTube.
10% of Jonathan’s proceeds will be donated for research to end Alzheimer’s.
About the book:
My Father, Humming by Jonathan Gillman
ISBN: 978-1936482375
Publisher: Antrim House Books
Date of publish: January 2013
Pages: 92
S.R.P.: $18.00
About the author:
Jonathan Gillman is the head of the Theater Department at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, a public magnet high school, and the Director of Looking In Theatre, a “teen interactive social issue” theater group. In addition to poetry, he writes fiction, non-fiction, plays and children’s stories.

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