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Book Cover & Blurb: Keeper of Reign

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Homeschooler mother inspires young readers through the mystical world of the Elfies
San Francisco, CA - With all of the turmoil that surrounds us in today’s world, it can be difficult to offer teens and children proper guidance on life. With violence, natural disaster, and cynicism greeting them at every turn, how can we hope that our young people will persevere despite the trials of everyday life?
Here to guide young adult readers through their various troubles is Emma Right and her fantasy book, Keeper of Reign. Taking cues from her own children and the Bible, and using the fantasy genre as her backdrop, Right crafted a story that would keep her children from feeling small. Enthralled by this fascinating tale, her young listeners always asked for more, and Right decided to take its powerful message and share it with others having trouble feeling empowered.
The story follows a people, the Elfies, that have been cursed to remain an inch in size until they can find a way to reverse their misfortune. Leading them in a quest to return to their former greatness is teenager Jules Blaze and his four siblings, who journey into the land of their enemy, Gehzurolle, in order to find the missing Ancient Books that will undo the curse. Throughout their misadventures these five siblings and their friends learn important messages about the power of family, friendship and how sometimes it is the hardest things that enable you to grow.
“I think, in this day and age, children are exposed to all kinds of unpleasantness on a daily basis,” says Right. “With Keeper of Reign, I wanted to offer them an exciting adventure in a parallel world with interesting creatures and villains but also characters that could show them ways to live their lives without fear, gaining the wisdom to overcome obstacles and learning from them as well.“
Major themes in the book include:
-Learning not to see yourself as small
-Appreciating the importance of family
-That if you seek truth, you will find it
-Sometimes what seems insurmountable is what makes us strong
-Biblical allegory and basic principles
-Blending real-life principles with vivid fiction, Right whisks children away to a faraway land where kind Elfies and evil villains, sometimes in the guise of friends, live, teaching them about life along the way.
“I wanted to teach young readers that they are never so small that they can’t
make a difference in life,” says Right. “Young adults must be reminded and encouraged to believe that it doesn’t matter how small they feel; they can overcome their problems and troubles with the right books.”
About the book:
Keeper of Reign by Emma Right
ISBN: 978-1939337696
Publisher: Telemachus Press
Date of publish: May 2013
Pages: 340
S.R.P.: $12.54
About the author:
Emma Right is a happy wife and homeschooling mother of five. Besides
running a busy home, she regularly reads and writes stories for children. An avid Christian, she enjoys writing stories with roots in the principles of the Bible and Christian doctrines. She has written several young adult novels and plans on writing many more. She currently resides in California where she takes care of her children and her many pets.

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