Monday, September 9, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: The CEO

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The Excitement Cannot Be Stopped - The CEO Has Risen to #1 Bestseller in Crime Fiction Overnight
After rising into Amazon's Top Ten Bestsellers List for Crime Fiction yesterday, Solstice Publishing's The CEO hit #1 bestseller in the genre overnight.
New York -- After rising into Amazon's Top Ten Bestsellers List for Crime Fiction yesterday, Steve Bederman's The CEO hit #1 bestseller in the genre overnight.
The CEO's popularity cannot be denied. Already a #1 Bestseller on FICTIONWISE, EBOOKWISE, and EREADER, Solstice Publishing is now excited to announce that THE CEO has now reached #1 in Crime Fiction for Amazon as well. And for a limited time this popular thriller is free to purchase for Amazon's Kindle.

Optioned to a major film production company, VillaVision, LLC., The CEO is a fast paced corporate thriller of loves come and gone, innovation, resilience, corporate philanthropy, vision, and deception. Corporate business leaders are protected by their own small armies of private security whose power will surprise. The story takes the reader behind the scenes and into the back office meetings of both corporations and countries; travelling from Denver to New York to London to Bogota and to Paris.
As Mitch and his team of loyalists’ race against time they are faced with constant revelation of threats against the company and those involved; including the life of the woman that Mitch falls deeply in love with. The depth of the plot reveals a 200 year old secret between two of the world’s most powerful countries. If the secret is revealed it could destroy the balance of power in the world. Though, if the secret stays protected it could crush all that Mitch Jacobs desires.
Although Mitch Jacobs never questions his ability to conquer the current forces against him, it is a race to answer the questions:
  • Will Mitch be able to discover who is leading the attack on him before it is too late?
  • Is this conspiracy the result of the usual corporate competition or does it emanate from the power hungry executives in his company?
  • What interest do certain world leaders have in this plot that will destroy all that Mitch has built?
Most importantly, Mitch has fallen in love with two women whose essence and similarities (and differences) of character lead him on his mission.
To get an exciting look into the story behind this crime thriller, watch The CEO's trailer here:
Steve Bederman has also written two other best-selling novels in the Mystery, Thriller, Suspense genre. Both are a continuation of the dynamic protagonist, Mitch Jacobs. "This is corporate suspense at the highest levels of international intrigue," said Bederman.

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