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Book Cover & Blurb: Capturing Ever Day Life

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New Book from Top Child Photographer Jane Goodrich Teaches How to Easily Take World Class Photos of Kids
Top professional New-York based newborn and child photographer Jane Goodrich shares her easy tips and tools for capturing the best photos of kids in her new book titled Capturing Every Day Life: The no-nonsense, cheese-free, read-while-they-nap, easy-as-pie guide to taking top-notch, world-class photos of your kids. In just 64 pages Goodrich packs decades of knowledge as a professional, award-winning children’s photographer in a paperback that should be on every parent’s or grandparent’s summer reading list.

NEW YORK - Newborn and child photographer Jane Goodrich announces the launch of her new book – Capturing Every Day Life: The no-nonsense, cheese-free, read-while-they-nap, easy-as-pie guide to taking top-notch, world-class photos of your kids.
The noted New-York based children’s photographer teaches parents, grandparents, or anyone who wants to take the best photos of children, how to create amazing images which will provide a documented memory for a lifetime. Goodrich begins the book by giving tips on how to choose a camera based on exact needs – outlining camera types, lenses and what to look for when shopping. Goodrich’s easy-to-read and understand format then explains how to work with light and control it – including how to create the “magic triangle” of aperture, depth of field and ISO.
The next chapter examines composition and the difference between a snapshot and a truly artistic photograph. She reviews the rule of thirds, focal points, leading lines and natural frames. The chapter titled “Best Time and Place for Photos” is full of helpful tips for creating the best photos of kids, while the “Advanced Techniques” chapter helps a more experienced photographer learn how to gain more creative control over their images. Capturing Every Day Life was designed and illustrated by Sarah Simpson of a Happy Little Design Studio.
“I’m excited to now share all of my best tips on how to create amazing photographs of children in my new book ‘Capturing Every Day Life,’” said Jane Goodrich, founder of Jane Goodrich Photography. “It’s a quick, easy read for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone who wants to take the best possible photographs of children. Unlike other photography books, mine is geared specifically for photographing children and is easy to read and understand – especially for people without a lot of free time. In fact the chapter titled, ‘Working With Kids’ draws upon my extensive experience as a professional child photographer and I reveal my tricks and secrets for getting kids to cooperate and work with you. One of the most unique and helpful chapters is ‘Tips By Age,’ where I outline the best methods for photographing infants, babies, toddlers, primary school age children, tweens and teenagers. I also answer the most common questions and problems people have in ‘Troubleshooting & FAQs’,” concluded Goodrich.
Goodrich’s photos are award winning. She has spent much of her life behind the lens and although she is based in New York she shoots regularly in Chicago, Denver and London, England
About the book:
Capturing Every Day Life by Jane Goodrich
ISBN: 978-1490414430
Date of publish: July 2013
Pages: 64
S.R.P.: $24.99
About the author:
Jane Goodrich is a New-York based newborn and children’s photographer with an artful eye, a quick wit and a modern edge. Jane has spent her life behind the lens. She staged her first shoot at age 4 and spent much of her childhood as a not-so-patient subject for her sister’s photography business. A twin herself, Jane loves shooting multiples and siblings. With every shot, she aims to let the individuality of each child shine through and capture something distinct and unknowable about their relationship. Jane’s natural connection with babies and children combined with her genuine aesthetic intuition translates into award-winning photos that are spontaneous, insightful, timeless and charming. Jane is based in New York and shoots regularly in Chicago, Denver and London, England.

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