Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Clarity

I don't know, something about unripened fruit and the not-yet-objectively present.  What am I talking about?  Well, I decided to expand my mind today with a little broader reading than usual.  So I picked up Basic Writing of Existentialism from the bookshelf.  I have to say, existentialism is something I am not overly familiar with so I figured it might offer something new and insightful.  What I found was not insight into what existentialism is or how to define what makes one an existentialist writer.

What I found as I read along in this book was that clarity in writing is not something with which everyone is gifted.  Perhaps I am not as deep as one needs to be to follow along with this book.  Perhaps I am woefully unphilosophical.  Or maybe, just maybe, this writing is a little unclear.

See I was concerned earlier as I reread my soon to be published collection of episodes.  As I described it to someone the other night, it is simply written and meant only as light entertainment.  There is no super complex plot, people are exactly what they seem and it is easy to follow along and understand the characters.  It was written with the intention of being a light and easy read because it was written as separate episodes published on my website.  A series published regularly on a website needs to be something people can easily follow along with, somewhat short and entertaining without requiring too much in depth analysis.  The characters are not over the top heroes, they are realistic people who get their asses kicked quite frequently because that is what would happen to people just starting out on a new quest until they really got the hang of things.

Anyway, my concern as I read through the episodes was that they were too simple and lacked hard core complexity.  Then I read this book about existentialism today and realized that providing clear concise information is a good thing.  Simple entertainment can be a good thing.  Now on the other hand, if I decide to write an elaborate book on my philosophical theorizing and the meaning of life and our place in the universe then I might have to layer on the complex wording.

Having said my piece about this book on existentialism, let me provide an excerpt and enlighten you on unripe fruit potential:

"For example, the unripe fruit moves toward its ripeness.  In ripening, what is not yet is is by no means pieced together as something not-yet-objectively present.  The fruit ripens itself, and this ripening characterizes its being as fruit.  Nothing we can think of which could be added on could remove the unripeness of the fruit, if this being did not ripen of itself.  The not-yet of unripeness does not mean something other which is outstanding that could be objectively present in and with it in a way indifferent to the fruit.  It means the fruit itself in its specific kind of being.  The sum that is not yet complete is, as something at hand, "indifferent" to the unhandy remainder that is lacking.  Strictly speaking, it can be neither indifferent to it nor not indifferent.  The ripening fruit, however, is not only not indifferent to its unripeness as an other to itself, but ripening, it is the unripeness.  The not-yet is already included in its own being, by no means as an arbitrary determination, but as a constituent.

...Still, the comparison with the unripeness of the fruit does show essential differences despite some similarities.  To reflect on these differences means that we shall recognize how indefinite our previous discussion of end and ending has hitherto been."

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