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Book Cover & Blurb: What about Women

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New e-book exposes ways the Confederate view of womanhood—along with the ancient Greek view and the picture of women in romanticized King Arthur legends—have superimposed themselves on the biblical view of women in the US church.
Seven years ago, God waylaid Deborah Brunt with this question, “Has a failure to understand the new covenant’s impact denied a whole gender, for centuries, the full redemption Jesus purchased with his own blood?” Tentatively, at first, she began to seek the answer. She learned to humble her soul, quiet her fears—and give the Lord permission to challenge her previous understanding of Scripture. She began to live in light of what she learned, to tell others—and to see dramatic healing, freedom and life emerge. Deborah’s new e-book, What About Women? A Spirit-to-spirit Exposé, traces her journey of discovery and explores the stunning, life-giving insights she’s gleaned.

Olive Branch, MS – In 2004, as I approached my fiftieth birthday, the Lord used two godly women to challenge, ever so gently, what I had been taught about women, the church and God. Long before that date, the teachings of my church culture had jarred my spirit. Further, after accepting a denominational position at age 43, I had come face-to-face with the demeaning and duplicitous treatment of women that these “scriptural” tenets produce.
Yet, I was afraid to probe the subject. The accepted stance is counted so clearly biblical and so foundational to the faith that to question what we had been taught is considered the first step on a slippery slope to liberalism, heresy and hell. Almost as frightening (for one whose life and relationships had been built solely in the context of a particular church culture), to question meant to risk being labeled a liberal or a heretic.
Thus, even after realizing the jarring in my spirit might be coming from God himself, I tried for two more years to treat the matter as too peripheral and too controversial to approach. Finally, in 2006, I relented. As I dared to let the Lord challenge what I’d thought I had to believe, I began writing a series of articles, describing what I was learning about women, the church and God. Then, in 2012, I began to revisit and revise that series.
What About Women? incorporates and adapts those columns. It also includes new chapters that uncover new insights. It tracks the seemingly random, but decidedly Spirit-led path of my search. What About Women? chronicles the Spirit-to-spirit exposé the search has produced. It wrestles with these questions, and more:
  • What’s the difference between agreeing with dishonor and godly submission?
  • How have we confused biblical and Confederate womanhood?
  • How have we denied women adulthood and even personhood?
  • Can women lead, preach, prophesy? Can women teach men?
  • How have women in the church been pitted against one another by the Lie of the Pie?
About the book:
What About Women? A Spirit-to-spirit Exposé by Deborah Brunt
Publisher: Key Truths
Date of publish: June 2013
Pages: 185
S.R.P.: $5.99
About the author:
A product of the conservative evangelical church culture, Deborah Brunt was born and reared in Mississippi. She grew up with a profound awareness of the subjects her culture and her church culture do not wish to discuss. Now, she writes about those very things. Deborah is also the author of We Confess! The Civil War, the South, and the Church and the E-Blessings Series of e-books.

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