Monday, August 26, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Remembering America

Homeless Dad looks to a better future by remembering a happier past…
...and writes an Amazon number 1!
Franklin, TN - Craig Daliessio is an author and speaker who is well versed in adversity and difficulty. A successful and respected member of the mortgage industry, Craig saw his career, and then his home and his life devastated when the industry collapsed in 2008. Five long, grinding years living in his car, showering at the rec center, and working what jobs he could find took a heavy toll. But they also revealed the man inside. In those years of devastation, Daliessio earned his Bachelors in Religion from Liberty University, wrote 4 books and two blogs, and most of all remained a devoted dad to his daughter, refusing to leave town and rebuild elsewhere when that would have been the easier path.
Along the way, Craig has written an amazing book based on remembrances of his childhood in the Philadelphia area suburbs. A time he has come to call “The Last Innocent Age”. The book; Remembering America: Looking Back at the Last Innocent Age is a sweet, witty, sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant journey back to a time when neighbors were neighbors for life. When kids played outside until dark. When you took your hat off to sing the Anthem and say the pledge. It’s Little League and Spider Bikes with Baseball cards in the spokes. It’s clothes hanging on clotheslines and girls with crushes on Donny Osmond and Davey Jones. It’s The Carol Burnett Show on Saturday night and Drive-in movies in the summer. It was the last, best era in a country that has changed in less than one lifetime. It’s a look back at a better place, and it’s struck a chord with America, reaching number one in it’s category on May 12-14, 2013.
About the book:
Remembering America: Looking Back at the Last Innocent Age by Craig Daliessio
ISBN: 978-0984533664
Publisher: The Morgan Group
Date of publish: April 2013
Pages: 240
S.R.P.: $14.99
About the author:
The author of Harry Kalas Saved My Life and A Ragamuffin Christmas adds Remembering America...Looking Back at the Last Innocent Age to his list of critically acclaimed works. Craig's writing reflects his journey...full of Faith amidst doubt. Optimism amidst fear. Devotion to family and the deep desire to share his love of a well-crafted page that touches a heart and brings a tear or a smile...or both. He is a gifted speaker and amateur hockey player and loving father. A native Philadelphian who currently resides in Nashville, Craig's literary voice has been compared to Brennan Manning and Gene Hill.

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