Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Poems of A Fatherless World

poems of a fatherless
Newly Released Poems of a Fatherless World Draws Haunting Imagery in Prose and Poetry
Fictional novel, Poems of a Fatherless World, juxtaposes short stories and poetry into one, seamless work of characters and unforgettable tales.
Philadelphia, PA – The imagery is intense and the characters unforgettable in Jamil Clayton's fictional poetry and prose compilation, Poems of a Fatherless World. This fictional novel is so captivating that many readers have already deemed it novel of the decade. With so many novels revolving around and glorifying the murder, mayhem, drugs, gangs, sex, lies and videotapes, it is refreshing to read content which not only offers a unique message, but delivers a plot so spellbinding, it will leave its readers at awe.
Poems of a Fatherless World includes the story of John Hopewell, a man who finds himself living on the streets and drinking away his sorrows after the loss of his wife and son. Then there's Kevin, a high school graduate, who nurtures a long-held grudge against the father who abandoned him, yet grows into the man his own father never could be with the love of his mother and sister. Finally, Phillip struggles with his relationship with his three daughters as his wife's illness takes over their lives.
Poems of a Fatherless World is a diverse collection of poems and short stories. The poignant and beautifully written poetry serves as interludes between deftly crafted tales, each with vividly drawn out characters and story lines. The stories focus on characters who find each other, as they are all connected through people, places and things. This novel will affect the readers' emotions and thought on multiple levels leaving the reader with a surreal feeling that they are witnessing each event take place right before their eyes.
About the book:
Poems of a Fatherless World by Jamil Clayton
ISBN: 978-1-4787-1114-8
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: April 2013
Pages: 433
S.R.P.: $24.95
About the author:
Jamil Clayton is a native of Wilmington, Delaware. He was first educated at Delaware Technical Community College receiving his AAS in Institutional Management. He later went on to graduate with a BA in Business Management from Delaware University. After college, Jamil held various positions in financial institutions, sales, and throughout the hospitality industry. Jamil loves to travel, read poetry, write and motivate others to be a contributor for the greater good of humanity focusing on God first. Jamil is currently working on his second novel, Poems of a Motherless World while continuing his studies in African-American history and the African diaspora.

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