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Book Cover & Blurb: Death of an Intern

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Author Keith M. Donaldson Gives Crime a Hefty New Twist in "Death of an Intern"
Thriller Debut Book in Laura Wolfe Series Presents Suspenseful Murder Mystery Situated in the Nation’s Capital. Plot Twists Keep Readers Guessing “Who Done It” Right Down to the Final Pages.
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Stories about crime in Washington, DC, are nothing new, even when politicians are involved. But when protagonist Laura Wolfe, a reporter for the Washington Daily Star, follows her instincts covering a multiple-murder case, dubbed a serial killing, and is led to the doors of the Vice President of the United States . . . well this reporter seeks more. Death of an Intern by Keith M. Donaldson takes readers on unexpected twists, stops, and starts that keep them in suspense throughout.
Washington, DC, Arts Chat radio host Jen├ęt Dechary described author Keith M. Donaldson as a “Renaissance man” with an ability to craft a story in a city he knows well. She said, “Newswoman Laura Wolfe is a modern, complex heroine to cheer for. Tension filled; authentic Washington locations and dialogue to die for!”
Lori Fisher of the Quarter Moon Bookstore in Topsail Beach, NC, said, “The flow of Donaldson’s words and story reminded me so much of John Sanford’s writing . . . his stories hook you in the first paragraph and the characters are so engaging. Laura Wolfe and her comrades have the same appeal and the intrigue of the story keeps you engrossed to the last page!”
Read an excerpt:
In a corner house, a clinic for unwed mothers-to-be quietly attended to its clients’ needs. Like the once lovely house that practically had the Washington Mall for its front yard, 2nd Street had seen better days. This night, a stranger sat parked in a black cargo van a half block from the clinic. The torrential rain obscured any view inside; however, a hooded person sat passively behind the wheel, attention fixed on the clinic’s front door. The van’s radio went from soft rock to an announcer reading headlines and a weather forecast. “The weather would improve; the rain would stop after midnight. Tomorrow would be a clear and sunny day in the 70s—a beautiful day in a beautiful city.” Except for one person, the driver reflected.
About the book:
Death of an Intern by Keith M. Donaldson
ISBN: 978-1937084219
Publisher: BQB Publishing
Date of publish: October 2011
Pages: 402
S.R.P.: $19.95
About the author:
Keith M. Donaldson has a playwriting background and has been a member of the Playwrights Forum of Washington, DC, since 1990. Several of his short plays were produced in and around DC. He is currently working on his fourth book; another mystery, but one in an entirely different setting from his first three.

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