Sunday, July 14, 2013

Use it or Lose it

By JccKeith

Use it or lose it, isn’t that the old adage?  As I sat around today – er – I mean - contemplated ideas to eventually get up and write down – that thought crossed my mind.  I had to wonder, since I know research shows that the mind really is a use it or lose it type organ and you really do lose problem solving and reasoning abilities (among others)as you age due to lack of use or whatever, if you lose the ability to write well if you don’t use it.  I suppose I am speaking here about the ability to create stories also and wondering if that is an ability that can diminish with non-use.

I sat around – I mean contemplated – for a very large expanse of time today.  Hours passed as my mind wandered wherever it felt like going and at the end of my time I had no new story or post thought up or already planned out.  It was somewhat disheartening.  The term languishing came to mind as I realized I hadn’t written any new story ideas in a while.

While my time made me feel relaxed and rested I felt it was wasted as it generated no story ideas or even character profiles or anything other than the word languishing.  It is a cool word, I like it but it was far from the breakthrough I was hoping for.
So today is my day to rant and I thought I would do so about my mind’s languishing this summer with my lack of avid writing.  For me, inspiration has been a come as it pleases kind of thing so I’ve never worried before about it but today I did.  I haven’t had a new story idea all summer or any ideas for any new characters all summer other than the short mess up a fairy tale contest I entered.  That was the only idea I’ve had and granted I liked it and was proud of myself.  The problem was that I don’t consider messing up or remixing a fairy tale to really be the same as creating an entirely new story or character.

That’s it, today I decided to write a short post if nothing more than just to write something.  Anyone else have any thoughts on whether story writing or just writing well is a use it or lose it thing?

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