Monday, July 8, 2013

Delegate and Keep the Passion

by: Michala Tyann

A note from our sports editorSometimes the work is there and it needs to be done but the fun cannot be ignored either. Without the fun the work grows and grows until you are burdened by it, hating it, and life itself is not longer fun anymore. Even those who have a job or do work they really love can become buried beneath the logistics of the work. For writers, for example, most love the writing part (or at least I hope they do) but hate the marketing, promoting, querying agents, and all that other stuff that comes with the writing. Too often people give up on the whole process because they reach a point in their life where it has just become too much for them. Others find they spend all their time doing the other stuff and they aren’t writing anymore. Where is the fun in that? The writing was the whole point they began in the first place!

It isn’t just writers that experience this however. Take mechanics for example. Many of these professionals got into the business because they couldn’t go a few days without feeling their fingers twitchy and itching to get their hands on the engine or transmission or something inside the car. Detailers might see a car that needed a good overhaulin’ and they created an entire layout of the ‘new’ car right there in their mind. Once they got the passion turned into business they might find themselves drudging up financial paperwork, the unpopular aspects of spending hours at a time on the phone trying to find a part, or the daily grimey work of talking to customers. All this grows weary and soon they wake up in the morning, realize they have to go back to the shop, and roll over pulling the blanket over their head.

No matter what role you have, or what position, or what business…you are going to find yourself in this very same boat. Don’t let it sink with you in it! If this begins to happen you need to find alternatives, find answers, do something to stop it in its place. Delegate chores and responsibilities by hiring someone to do that which you hate. You might hate paying someone to do something you can do but if you hire the right person…they are going to excel in that role because that is THEIR passion. Thus allowing you to remain in your passion. 

If you absolutely cannot hire someone then you need to organize your world and allocate specific times where you will do the yucky stuff. Pull the guts out of the fish (aka…everything that you hate doing) on these two (or maybe three or four) days and allow yourself to focus only on your passion on the other days. This way you’ll still have all that crap you really don’t want to do but at least you’ll know that come Wednesday (or whatever days you choose) to focus on your passion and the end is nigh. You’ll see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and it won’t be as bad as it might have been had you not seen the end.

Don’t bury yourself underneath the stuff you hate doing because then you’ll also end up hating what you love. And that my friends is a death sentence NOBODY wants!

How do you keep yourself afloat? Do you have tips, skills, talents that others might benefit from? Share with us and spread the wealth!


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