Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Book Review: Romulus Buckle & the City of the Founders

Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders
Reviewed by: Michala Tyann
Strong books need a strong scenic set-up and that rule was by no means ignored in Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders. The author took his time in setting up the stage including the backdrop and the characters. There may be those readers our there that want to dive right into the action-packed scene and have it all out in one quick rumble and a surprise with a happily ever after but this book is not one of those. Preston did well in his descriptives and his stage setting was neatly and professionally written.  Readers who can and do appreciate the necessity for that will enjoy the opening and will be even more impressed when they have passed this stage and get into the nitty-gritty of the book. I think the character portrayals were absolutely divine and could probably just about paint a picture (if I could paint that is) of the characters because they were so well-written.

The adventure of the novel was action packed and Preston delivers quite enthusiastically on his promise of steampunk writing. You can definitely tell Preston took the time to do not only his character write-ups but his scientific research as well. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of swordplay or the other weapons but I really did get dropped right into the action-packed scenes with all the fantastic details.

If I had to say anything negative about the book, I might pick on the passive style of writing at times. I think the author might have done well to get to the action a bit faster but again, the devil is sometimes in the details and the author has a certain feel for their creation and if they need to get those details out…so be it.

Great fun and an excellent book to begin a series with; neat names, and comedic style to boot, any reader who enjoys a fantasy/sci fi genre couldn’t disagree that this book is one to pick up.

My personal review: 7.5/10

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