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Book Cover & Blurb: Run to Ground

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Award Winning Mystery Thriller for review : Run To Ground, a Dub Walker thriller
Lake Forest, CA - What would you do if someone brutally murdered your only child, got off on a technicality, serving only months for a minor infraction, and continually taunted and threatened you from behind bars? Could you hide your growing rage from family and friends? Could you wait, and plan, and then gun the killer down as he takes his first breaths of free air? Could you change your ID, leave behind your entire life---family, friends, jobs, home---and disappear?
For Tim and Martha Foster the answer to each of these questions is yes.

Skip tracing---finding those who erase their past and disappear---is as much art as science. Locating someone who effectively creates a new identity and cuts all ties with family and friends requires creativity, attention to detail, an understanding of the criminal mind, and luck.
This is the scenario that faces Dub Walker in Run To Ground, the third thriller in the series.
Dub, a forensic evidence and criminal behavior expert, along with best friend, homicide investigator T-Tommy Tortelli, and ex-wife, TV reporter Claire McBride, must employ all his skills to track down the Fosters, now comfortably secreted in their new life.
But, the killing of Walter Whitiker is not as simple as it seems. Tim and Martha aren’t the only ones who want Walter dead. Could the Fosters be as clever and devious as they seem? Could someone have twisted the evidence to keep the hot light of suspicion on the Fosters? Can Dub expose the killer, or killers, and bring them to justice?
What other authors say:
A first-rate thriller! --- Lisa Gardner, NY Times Bestselling Author of the Detective D.D. Warren thriller series
DP Lyle takes fear and revenge, adds a bucket of greed, and gives us a wild ride to the finish! --- David Morrell, NY Times Bestselling Author of FIRST BLOOD
A personal nightmare of a tale . . . absolutely impossible to put down. --- Jon Land, Providence Sunday Journal
About the book:
Run To Ground by Douglas P. Lyle, M.D.
ISBN: 978-1608090570
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
Date of publish: August 2012
Pages: 310
S.R.P.: $25.95
About the author:
D. P. Lyle is the Macavity and Benjamin Franklin Silver Award winning and Edgar, Agatha, Anthony, Scribe, and USA Best Book Award nominated author of many non-fiction books (MURDER & MAYHEM; FORENSICS FOR DUMMIES; FORENSICS & FICTION; MORE FORENSICS & FICTION; HOWDUNNIT: FORENSICS; and ABA FUNDAMENTALS: UNDERSTANDING FORENSIC SCIENCE) as well as numerous works of fiction, including the Samantha Cody thriller series (DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND and DOUBLE BLIND); the Dub Walker Thriller series (STRESS FRACTURE; HOT LIGHTS, COLD STEEL, and RUN TO GROUND); and the Royal Pains media tie-in novels (ROYAL PAINS: FIRST, DO NO HARM and ROYAL PAINS: SICK RICH). His essay on Jules Verne’s THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND appears in THRILLERS: 100 MUST READS and his short story “Even Steven” in ITW’s anthology THRILLER 3: LOVE IS MURDER.
He has worked with many novelists and with the writers of popular television shows such as Law & Order, CSI: Miami, Diagnosis Murder, Monk, Judging Amy, Peacemakers, Cold Case, House, Medium, Women’s Murder Club, 1-800-Missing, The Glades, and Pretty Little Liars.

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