Thursday, July 11, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Operation Saladin

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Best-Selling Author Releases New International Spy Thriller: Operation Saladin
TORONTO - International author Roger Croft announces the release of his new spy thriller Operation Saladin, sequel to the highly acclaimed The Wayward Spy.
Former MI6 agent Michael Vaux is again asked the serve Queen and country after a stint in Egypt and Syria as a newsman. Following the death of Syrian strongman Hafez Assad in June, 2000, Ahmed Kadri, Syria’s chief armaments buyer and Vaux’s old college friend, is arrested and charged with treason. Syria’s security agency [GSD] then demands Vaux’s return to Damascus from Cairo.
Warned by Alena Hussein, GSD’s chief of station in Cairo and Vaux’s lover, that he faces serious questions about his relationship with Kadri and his earlier links with Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, Vaux decides to quit Cairo. His former employers offer to forgive all past misdeeds in return for his accepting a special assignment: to head up Operation Saladin, MI6’s ambitious plan to help a dissident Syrian nuclear scientist defect to the UK—along with his dossier on Syria’s nuclear arms program plus details of its stocks of chemical weapons and nerve gas.
Events don’t go according to plan. The nuclear scientist, in England for an international nuclear energy confab, is shot dead in the English village where he has been sent with Vaux for a few days of relaxation and surreptitious debriefing. Hope of locating the nuclear dossier evaporates with the murder of the scientist. But who killed him? Prime suspects are Al Saiqa [Syrian Special Forces] and the Mossad whose ‘targeted killings’ of nuclear scientists working for Mideast regimes is becoming a familiar pattern. But the Syrians blame MI6 and in particular Michael Vaux. An Al-Saiqa hit team is sent to hunt Vaux down...
About the book:
Operation Saladin by Roger Croft
ISBN: 978-1482311693
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of publish: May 2013
Pages: 270
S.R.P.: $12.99
About the author:
Roger Croft is a former journalist whose reports and feature acrticles have appeared in numerous publications including THE ECONOMIST, the SUNDAY TELEGRAPH and the TORONTO STAR. He worked in Cairo, Egypt where he freelanced and wrote editorials for the EGYPTIAN GAZETTE.

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