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Book Cover & Blurb: I am my Father's Keeper

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I Am My Father’s Keeper: The 10 Steps to Caring for the Elderly
Harbor City, CA - A father with dementia. A daughter with solid medical background and very personal fears. Would life turn out to be better and easier for them? Their journey through nine years of challenging experiences, and the lessons learned which enabled them to remain loving and positive are all unveiled in Dr. Patricia H. Arnazzi’s poignant true story, I Am My Father’s Keeper: The 10 Steps to Caring for the Elderly.
Here are true anecdotes and available resources to aid caregivers in their stewardship, as well as wise and counsel from someone who has been there and done that.
Written by a medical doctor from the perspective of the actual caregiver, it unites medical knowledge and advice, with the counsel of a family member who has felt the pain, frustrations and fears of anyone caring for an ailing loved one.
It is an intimate portrait of a wonderful father and a loving daughter’s relationship and also serves a guidebook designed to empower caregivers. Written with warmth and thoughtfulness, it is a compelling story of hardship and triumph. Giving solid counsel throughout with personal anecdotes, it provides valuable resources for people caring for their loved ones.
About the book:

I Am My Father’s Keeper by Dr. Patricia H. Arnazzi
ISBN: 978-1468119688
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of publish: November 2012
Pages: 100
S.R.P.: $9.95
About the Author

Encouraged by her paternal grandfather’s stories as a renowned journalist, editor and founder of several magazines and newspapers in Mexico, Patricia Arnazzi began to express her personal experiences and voice at an early age. Writing was her escape when called before the age of 12 to care for her dying mother and younger siblings. An accomplished storyteller and communicator, she entertained herself and others with tales based on her personal experiences. Her essays were published by several magazines in the USA and Mexico, her native country.

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