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Book Cover & Blurb: Our Stress is Killing Us

Our Stress is Killing Us : Money-Back Guaranteed Solutions by Gary Bickford, Ph.D., FNP
A medical self-help book in which the author has so much experience and confidence in his solutions that he is offering a money-back guarantee.
“While low-level stress can drive us to achieve, too much is not a good thing,” said Bickford.
Knoxville, TN - In his latest book, Our Stress is Killing Us: Money-Back Guaranteed Solutions nurse practitioner Gary Bickford, Ph. D., FNP offers well-proven steps to managing stress and enjoying life.

“People are under more stress now than ever before – and it is killing us. Low-levels of stress can actually be a good thing. Controlled stress can drive us to higher levels of accomplishment. However, when stress levels rise from the minor stress that encourages productivity into damaging, high-level stress, an individual can quickly find himself in dangerous territory,” said author and nurse practitioner Gary Bickford.
“Undue stress in our busy lives is causing us, our closest loved ones, our co-workers and our friends more problems than we even realize,” Bickford said.
As most people become accustomed to daily stress, many individuals are unaware of just how much damaging tension they're experiencing day to day. Despite the steady stream of articles and research that show how dangerous stress-related illnesses are, most people are unaware of the very basic, money-saving solutions that are available to them to combat undue stress.

About the book:
Our Stress is Killing Us by Gary Bickford
ISBN: 978-0-578-12210-6
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: June 2013
Pages: 274
S.R.P.: $19.95


1. Who will benefit from reading your book? While many authors feel that everyone will benefit – in many cases there is a very specific type of person who would not only enjoy reading the story, but be able to take away from it some important morals. Who is that person?
Anyone that is stressed could possibly benefit from this book on how to deal with this almost constant situation.  One teen reader even suggested that it could help reduce the teen suicide rate since it is the highest group of all that take their lives.  Even if a reader is not stressed right now then they will be sometime or they know someone that is stressed and may not be handling it well enough.  It may seem inappropriate to say that everyone could use this book but the principles are beneficial to just about everyone.

2. How would you like your book to be remembered once you’ve passed on?
My desire is that any reader would understand the benefits of this book and would adapt to some of the basic principles if they have any reason to change.     If any one person is benefited so that their life is improved then this has been a success for me.  If many are benefited then that is much better.  Several readers have already made some positive changes in their lifestyle after reading it.

3. What differentiates your book from similar books that are available on the market?
There are several books on how to deal with stress.  This book is the only one where the author is so confident that the solutions will work that he is willing to give a “money-back” guarantee.  I am not confident in me or my ability as a writer (this is my first book) but in the years of research that I have conducted and studied as well as seen in the medical area now as a family nurse practitioner.

Most other books on stress are not as “open” with the reader to allow them to realize that I am also dealing with a great deal of stress….even now.  Not only do the principles in the book assist in improving their health it also saves them money if they need to make any changes.
4. In 5 sentences or less, what is the storyline of your book?

The storyline of the book is that we are all stressed and may not even recognize the extent of the damage to ourselves or others that are important to us.  Undue stress is very damaging to us in all aspects of our life.  Simple solutions like adequate rest, water, and food while avoiding other items we put into our bodies like nicotine, alcohol and caffeine are very beneficial by allowing our wonderful bodies to better cope with life stressors.  Forgiveness of others as well as ourselves can also significantly improve our life.  Much of our stress can be overcome by giving of ourselves to others because this allows us to know that even if we are undergoing undue stress we can also assist others in this important part of their lives which allows us to know that we are beneficial to others.

5. Why did you write this book?

I wrote this book because I have seen first-hand and observed in many others over several decades of how undue stress can either cause or exacerbate physical and emotional problems.  I began this study nearly 30 years ago and I continue to study how it can damage our well-being.  I have several seminars that I have been giving for over 25 years but this topic is the one most often chosen when I give anyone a choice so that as well as the positive reactions I have received all over the U.S. leads me to believe that this topic is a very needed one.
About the author:
Gary Bickford has spent 40 years in health care, observing firsthand the physical toll stress has taken on his patients. With Our Stress is Killing Us: Money-Back Guaranteed Solutions Bickford offers simple, concrete ways to recognize stress and quickly minimize the damage it does to the body. His methods help improve overall health, increase energy and deal with almost every aspect of life negatively affected by stress. The book is backed by a money-back guarantee.


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