Monday, June 17, 2013

Who's On Top: Movies

This Week's Spotlight:
Man of Steel

At once frantically overblown and beautifully filigreed, “Man of Steel” will turn on everyone it doesn’t turn off. Summer blockbusters have a way of encouraging multiplex Manichaeism, though I propose a middle way. It won’t be easy. Even those who patiently ride out the bludgeoning excesses of the film’s final 45 minutes may wonder what happened to the movie — the one about human and humanoid struggles — they watched for the first 100. They may also wonder why no one, anyone, smacked the director, Zack Snyder, in the head and reminded him that he was midwifing a superhero franchise, as the film’s first image, of a yelling, straining woman signals, not restaging the end of days. — Manohla Dargis

Top 10 Box Office:
  1. Man of Steel
  2. This Is the End
  3. Now You See Me
  4. Fast & Furious 6 
  5. The Purge 
  6. The Internship
  7. Epic
  8. Star Trek Into Darkness 
  9. After Earth
  10. Iron Man 3
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