Thursday, June 6, 2013

What They Said: Stupid People

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former.
Albert Einstein  

By: William G. Muir
I am not going to try and argue with anything that Einstein has to say. The man was a genius! I couldn't even hope to understand the complexities of his theories. The man gave us one of the most beautiful mathematical equations of all time, E = mc^2. There was a time I had a basic understanding of what the equation meant, but that was so many years ago. What I do remember is that it proves that mass and energy are equal.

Over and over again E = mc^2 has stood up to every challenge the scientific community has thrown at it. Even few years back when scientist thought that they had witnessed the first ever demonstration of sub-atomic particles traveling faster than the speed of light. The scientific world held it's collective breath as the evidence was looked over. If the outcome of the experiment could withstand the process of falsification then we would've had the first failings of Einstein's theory of general relativity.

As it turned out the E = mc^2 came out the victor. While the scientist that thought they had made one of the biggest scientific discovers of all time were left with egg on their faces. It turned out there was a problem with their equipment giving them a false reading.

Score one for the Laws of Physics.  

To tussle with of the greatest minds in the history of mankind is not why I have chosen this particular quote today. I happen to agree with Einstein on this one, there is no limits to the stupidity of the human race. And now with the Internet you do not have to look far to find examples. Just read through almost any comment section on an blog post, or Youtube video and you will find them.

There you will find a wealth of misinformation that any government agency would be envious of. But it is not all misinformation, a lot of it is just some of the most uninformed opinions you will ever read. If it is not people out their trying to claim that the moon landings where faked or that 911 was a conspiracy perpetrated by the United States government, then it's people who will talk endlessly how the Kardashians are a national treasure and that they get all their tips on how to run their households from The Real House Wives (insert name of city were the people have no clue about how the real world works here).

Where do all these stupid people come from? I was a product of the same public school system that these people came from. At least I think I was. I like to think of myself as a some what educated person, so I don't get how these people all turned out so damaged. And that is what they are, damaged. I have tried to be that stupid before and I found out it takes a lot of hard work to be that stupid. So there must be something wrong with these people, cause they make it look so easy.

I think that is about all I need to say. If I really wanted to put the time into it I could probably write a much longer article on how stupid people are. I could take the time to google examples of bonehead moves that have occurred throughout history. I could search through Youtube videos and blog post comment sections to see what dumb things people are saying. I could watch hours of reality TV. But I am not going to do any of that.

The reason why, I still would like to hold out some hope for mankind. Every time I see an example of how stupid people can be I die a little bit inside. It hurts me to see how low the human race can sink. It is emotionally draining and I fear that it might one day lead me to an endless depression. So for the sake of my own sanity and I am going to leave it right here. If you wish to see just how stupid us humans can be, have at it. I will only caution you to remove any sharp objects from your reach and lock away the pills.

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