Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Somebody Said Monday

By JccKeith

“Where are all of the forks?”

Someone, I will not name the person to protect the mildly annoying, said this in my house.  Not being aware of any fork shortage, I checked the silverware drawer.  Indeed, the forks had all vacated their designated spots.  Oddly, there seemed to only be two or three forks in the sink.  This implied, at least according to my deductive reasoning skills, that all of the remaining forks would be located in the dishwasher.  Which was of course, dirty.

I bring this phrase and subsequent detective work up because it illustrates the general way my week has been going.  Why is it that whenever all someone needs is a fork, there are none?  Why is the dishwasher always dirty when silverware is so desperately needed?  I would like to add that there is a box of plastic cutlery in the house but on this occasion, it was all out of plastic forks.  Had spoons been needed, I have no doubt it would have lacked spoons.  Because that is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.  Whatever you need is always the one thing you don’t have.

The Foo Fighters sang a song about “Times like These.”  In times like these, you know, those days when you really need a fork and all you get are spoons, you learn to live again.  You give and give again.  Alright, maybe Dave Grohl didn’t have fork crisis in mind when he wrote that song.  Maybe I’m being just a little melodramatic about the whole thing. 

What times like these – those times when finding a spork would be great – illustrate are the ability to adapt.  In dire situations when you have a meal that you need a fork to eat but no fork  – you have choices.  You can just give up and not eat because things are not going your way.  You can make do with a spoon or hey, maybe chopsticks if they’re handy.  Or you can just eat with your hands.  Or if you’re really ingenius, you could possibly take a dirty fork from the dishwasher and wash it by hand.  And then there is always the possibility that you could demand someone else remove a dirty fork from the dishwasher and wash it for you.  How you handle the situation is key.

How you handle difficult situations is really determined by your outlook on life.  Are you the adaptive type that will just make the best of the situation?  Are you a positive person?  Are you the pouty type who just gives up easily because life just constantly seems to kick your butt?  Are you of a weak constitution?  Are you the type that would rather complain than make any effort to solve the problem?  Are you a negative nelly?

I won’t tell you how the situation ended, I’ll leave it to your imagination.

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