Monday, June 24, 2013

Who's On Top: Movies


Monsters University

What are little boy monsters made of? In Pixar’s “Monsters University,” they aren’t made of slugs, snails and puppy dog tails — they’re monstrous versions of those ingredients, only cuter, fuzzier, brighter, wilder and woollier. A stomping, creeping menagerie, they embody a Popsicle-hued rainbow of seeming diversity, from their googly eyes to their hydra heads and sticky tentacles. In this passable prequel to Pixar’s magical 2001 film “Monsters, Inc.,” anything and every being seems possible. Or so believes the young Mike Wazowski (voiced by Noah Johnson and Billy Crystal), who thinks that if he studies hard enough, he too can become one of his world’s Scarers. Scarers are the heroic frighteners who, by traveling through literal doors into the human world, are able to terrify children, inspiring the kiddie screams that literally light up the monsters’ world. Among the greatest Scarers is Mike’s B.F.F., the mighty Sulley, a k a James P. Sullivan (John Goodman), a mammoth teal fur ball adorned with violet spots, horns and claws and the serrated tail of a stegosaurus, who is basically the Bing Crosby to Mike’s fast-talking, schtick-slinging Bob Hope. In “Monsters, Inc.” their Dorothy Lamour (kind of) is a human toddler, a wee girl nicknamed Boo, who inadvertently crosses over into Monstropolis, a transgression that instigates madcap shenanigans and some heart-swelling observations about parents, children, the origin of fear and the mercy of love. Directed by Dan Scanlon, who shares writing credit with Daniel Gerson and Robert L. Baird, “Monsters University” relates a more predictable origin story for Mike and Sulley. Although a line in the first movie suggests that they met in sixth grade, the new one traces the roots of their friendship to their university days and that special moment, ahem, when Mikey met Sulley. The first encounter happens in a scaring class, when the hard-working Mike — who looks like a cross between a walking eyeball and a spit-polished Granny Smith apple — is overshadowed by Sulley, who’s arrived believing that he can coast on his family’s frightening good name. Like many bromances, theirs will be a relationship built on initial mistrust, dawning mutual appreciation and only a token female presence.

Top 10 Box Office:
1. Monsters
2. World War
3. Man of Steel
4. This Is the End
5. Now You See Me
6. Fast & Furious 6 
7. The Internship
8. The Purge
9. Star Trek Into Darkness
10. Iron Man 3

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